The Art of Fashion by Art

The Art of Fashion by Art

You are an icon – a masterpiece worth celebrating! Read on for the latest on our new campaign, HermozaModa!

We see you as the Hermoza who is one with her environment, who imagines the possibilities, and who takes every opportunity to make her own breaks. A woman of power, strength, determination, and focus who lets her intuition guide her back to all that is beautiful in the world.

HermozaModa is our vision for the best version of your life: one where you can breathe, grow, and thrive. In the campaign, each artist we partnered with has created gorgeous renditions of our Hermozas, decked out in chic and polished ensembles, curated to enhance a woman’s natural shape and style. The graceful, clean lines in each rendering channel all the vibes, expressing the best joy you could imagine sparking for all your upcoming moods and moments.

With 60+ hours of design and construction invested in every piece in our line, we’ve asked them to take the time to capture and showcase the color and fabric of our most captivating swim and resort wear pieces. But you are your best inspiration. These sketches, paintings, and designs were created for you to see your most iconic life rendered through a celebration of your femininity. As the artists reimagined our beautifully crafted swimsuits, resort wear, and accessories, they kept it all classic, while maintaining fresh, modern perspectives.

Seeing our Hermozas through these illustrations is a chance to take it back to step one, which is never basic. So, relax and reset your vision along with us as we take you through a virtual tour of HermozaModa!

Long strides and a lean profile are some of the knockout trademarks of Molood’s take on our HermozaModa.

Highlighting the delicate details and feminine features of our dignified, one-piece swimwear, this vision’ll keeping you grounded while empowering you to search the skies for your next big thing.

Motivation in a mockup – genius! These dream-worthy silhouettes strike a sensational scene whether our Hermoza is soaking up the sun or is just dreaming of ocean breezes and palm trees.

Our Hermoza, as imagined by designer and artist Gwen, shows us beyond a doubt that this is the right time for wearable high fashion.

Our Katie, now in a super luxe combination of aqua and tangerine cuts a bold a breathtakingly sharp and stylish image in hand-painted acrylics and watercolors. In Gwen’s eyes, our Hermoza is fearlessly well-suited for bold blends that others might not have seen at first glance.

HermozaModa means your style aesthetic is now your canvas for expressing your sensibilities and your vision. 

This digital vision from our artist partner, Anastasia serves up some serious, strong, fabulous, and fit Hermoza vibes! Spotlighting our Hermoza’s sensational presence, Anastasia's work makes us feel this Hermoza won’t be satisfied with just watching the world pass by. Geared up for taking on the world, our driven Hermoza is at one with and in her element whether in the city or on the coast.

She’s a Hermoza who knows who she is, is serene and settled into her skin, and is bold enough to move on with passion. Doesn’t this artistry just bring our collections to life?!

These illustrations have helped us imagine the work on a different scale. Capturing our Hermoza in every environment possible, we see who she is, what she loves to do, and what she desires to be.  

We see her sifting the sand with the tips of her toes, in a gorgeous OOTD that coolly kicks off those hot August nights, or even on the runway in avant guard fashion.

Whoever she is, we are so here for her.

And let’s be real – we want to find that perfect flock of flamingos and palm fronds to curate an IG-worthy spread, cut our hair in an angled bob AND don that wide-brimmed hat to complete our vacay collection (while cuddling a little one on our hip for all the boss babe energy). Absolutely inspiring and just stunning!

There’s something so intimate about breathing and walking through a museum on your own, without interruption, taking it all in. One artist’s vision of our Hermozas belongs on display for all to see!

Highlighting our contoured, full-coverage one-pieces, we see beauty with a fresh perspective – one that doesn’t restrict space and is unlimited.

We are just obsessed with our Hermozas painted in our pieces that draw the eye from striking strapless numbers to exclusive, festive floral prints. Playful and fun as well as dedicated and competitive, our Hermoza is that balanced BFF that helps you keep your heart, mind, and life straight without even batting a lash.

We all spend life thinking and viewing the world around us. Why not be your own target audience for a change? Heirloom-quality swim and resort wear = masterpieces you can possess for a lifetime. Be your own legend and see yourself as we see you –  a wonderful woman, willing to wander and explore, possessing that star-quality state of mind.

Artwork nourishes the soul and refreshes your spirit. It enables you to transfer inspiration into something real and tangible that’ll impact others. Art is always honest and open; it’s dependable and consistent in its inconsistencies. It builds enthusiasm and joy for the world we’ve created around ourselves or for the vision of a world we wish we could design. It helps us feel rejuvenated to see how the crisp details of our new HermozaModa illustrations document the breadth and depth of your lives in our swim and resort wear. It’s iconic. It’s beautiful. It’s You.

Taking it back to the concepts and construction that inspired us from the beginning has helped us return to what motivated us to create a presence in this industry in the first place. We remain convinced that women are always ready to bring it all back to the art form of dressing well.

Henri Matisse once said that “Creativity takes courage,” and the bold choices our partner artists have made evokes all the emotions we were excited to feel for fashion. Nature as inspiration and standard helped us dig deeply, searching in illustrations for what you can’t express with words. Realizing the pure icons our Hermozas are helps us realize when you trust your taste, style, and gut instinct, you embrace your femininity, harness the fire in your soul, able to present it to a world that is ready for your presence. Auguste Rodin once said, “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” Here’s to truly living, Hermoza.

When life stands still, we will be there with you as you look forward to the future. You are a masterpiece. Fix your gaze on the artistry of your own inherent beauty. Embrace the bravery, selflessness, and capability of a life well-lived. We will continue to send you all the good vibes until we can all get back to the beach and the headspace that brings us back to our best selves.


Besos, Hermoza

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