Life Support for Our Leading Ladies

Life Support for Our Leading Ladies

I often find myself daydreaming about upcoming vacations. Especially with the weather being absolutely gorgeous, I can’t help but want to be out in the glorious sunshine, soaking up rays and consuming as much Vitamin D as possible. I need fresh air from more than a car window and in taking short walks, I have found time to meditate, refocus energies, and reflect. Taking time out to breathe and think (but not overthink) has made an awesome difference in my post-Winter production. No more working exclusively indoors; now (with Mother Nature’s help) I can multi-task while reviving and rejuvenating my spirit.


Most of us like to know what we are “getting ourselves into” or “walking into” because the unexpected, unpredictable or surprising might not be what we signed up for. And as such, atmosphere becomes everything to us. We want to ensure our time off for self-love, self-care, vacation or otherwise is maximized. While it’s not certain we can make our lives and time perfect, we can take a more comprehensive look at what we are introducing into our spaces to validate our intentions. This one’s for the Hermoza who loves to prepare, pack, and plan. Our top three list of our beauty, style, and life faves that enhance our experiences so we can live our best lives.


For Your Lips 

I am obsessive about a sugar scrub. I will never forget the first time I used it. I went backpacking in the mountains for a weekend with my girlfriends. My most capable, independent, glittery and gorgeous friend ever pulled it out of her pack right before we set up our base camp. “Who needs a lip scrub?” was the last thing I expected to hear at the end of a grueling 6-hour hike to 6,214 feet in elevation. I thought it was an extravagance -- until I tried it on. It tasted like an orange creamsicle and rubbed away the dry skin I had been lathering with ineffective lip balm. It was a delight to smooth over and I indulged in the leftovers instead of wiping it off as directed. In that moment, I realized if every rough and tumble mama in the mountains packed small luxuries like lip scrub when they were “off roading,” more women would find themselves outdoors with other goddesses celebrating nature. There is never a “right time” for luxury. Pamper yourself when and how you like without restriction.


For the Hermoza who doesn’t believe in convention, consider our stunning Johanna one-piece. Available in yellow and blue from our Movement Collection, this swimsuit is ideal for women who are active and interested in full coverage without constriction. The novelty fabric for this suit feels like absolute butter and is a gorgeous option as a bodysuit underneath a pair of high-waisted trousers. Worn with a pair of wedge heels and some sunnies, the Johanna is all about elevating expectations. We designed a swimsuit for the beach and resort, but with the for this heirloom-quality piece to become a versatile part of your year-round wardrobe. And there’s more! The Johanna is also available from our Shape Collection in black, white, and our exclusive Domus Aurea graphic print. This style is perfect for the Hermoza who needs a bit of support for a smooth, flattering figure.



For Fitness Goals

Molly Galbraith of @thegirlsgonestrong and offers followers opportunities to redefine their senses of strength and beauty. Her approach to the body positivity movement has been instrumental in educating women on the options they have when it comes to fitness and health. Daily and weekly fitness programs centered on building confidence and community offer motivating resources that clarify misconceptions and unrealistic expectations. Galbraith and her work support women in understanding their bodies, spirits, and minds to maximize their potential for creating lasting changes – in themselves, for their families, and in the world. Women who feel “empowered to discover all that’s possible,” are more likely to commit to and achieve goals, are of greater support to others, raise morale in their communities, and are generally, just nicer people to be around because of their infectious optimism. “Sticking with it” is a struggle for any of us. When we have a community of women who understand the challenges of life and are capable of and willing to help us make informed choices, taking on new challenges is an exciting process worth exploring.


For our empowered Hermoza who needs swimwear to match the strength of her spirit and her enduring elegance, we recommend the brand-new Sarah one-piece swimsuit. An absolute knockout in exclusive and dynamic swimwear, the Sarah is part of our Sculpt Collection that offers divine contoured realness. This swimsuit is meticulously constructed with imported Italian fabric that sucks you in without putting you off your game. Enabling a natural, free range of motion from its spectacular, durable four-way stretch, the Sarah’s polished silhouette is fully lined, giving you an angelic vibe to grace and flatter your figure. Black piping detail refines your curves for a timeless hourglass fit that will keep that chin high and that chest out as you walk around the resort with confidence.


For…Well, Because…Food

One of the most gratifying feeds I have come across on IG is @symmetrybreakfast. Known for his equally gratifying and global phenomenon of a cookbook, Michael Zee of has elevated the breakfast table to the art museum. His blog, Letters from Shanghai is a veritable goldmine for all things culture, family, travel, and just life. His exploration of self runs through most of his posts as he examines how much his “Englishness” permeates his awareness and acceptance of his own Chinese culture. His worries about “blending in” help us see that the human condition is with all of us but doesn’t need to force us onto the struggle bus each morning. Zee regularly sets intentions for his day and establishes goals centered in simplicity and the silence that speaks when truly present in the hustle and bustle of a big city. The feed on @symmetrybreakfast has genuinely become joy and peace to my heart. Seeing two place settings mirror each other on a countertop is the cornerstone of the perfection we’ve all been seeking in our lives. It’s almost meditative to let your eyes wander around the vibrant presentation of globally sourced ingredients and recipes that honor traditions and cultures on a level that would have Frida Kahlo reveling. Zee’s willingness to continue learning and growing as a chef and artist has me inspired daily and has encouraged me to be more adventurous when ordering from menus.


For our adventurous Hermoza who loves attention to detail, we present the superb Halle two-piece tankini swimsuit. Meticulously constructed with balance and harmony in mind, this suit is revolutionizing full coverage swimwear. Part of our Shape Collection, this beauty is transformative and designed to smooth your figure without constraint. The Halle offers you versatile styling options with colors and exclusive prints that you can mix and match to maximize your vacation wardrobe. Our Halle top would be perfect as a crop top with an adorable pair of high-waisted trousers to make your nightlife even more beautiful. The gorgeous Halle bottoms are a vintage throwback with an adjustable belt at the waist that is fully customizable depending on your style and taste. And now, packing for vacation becomes as stunning of an arrangement as Michael Zee’s feed. Best news, you’re the masterpiece whose beauty gets highlighted in your own stories.


So, Hermoza, what are your top three go-to's for a life lived with simplicity, strength, and harmony? Give us your tips and suggestions in the comments section below or continue the conversation with us on social media.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 


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