It's Almost Christmas!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas, Hermozas?! Soon enough we’ll be baking, wrapping, and decorating our homes for the most wonderful time of the year. To really sink into the mood, we’ve listed our favorite Holiday activities and non-negotiable traditions that we hope inspire, delight, and remind you to do the same. Christmas might look different for some of us this year, but the holiday spirit is abundant and available with the following customs:
To Eat:
What says Christmas more than gingerbread cookies? While cookies are certainly a year round delight, in December, they just hit different. This tried and true recipe  is baked at least 4 times from Thanksgiving to Christmas in this household, as well as a little extra for Santa on the big day.
            Another super easy recipe we love are M&M Kissed Pretzels. This recipe is an all time favorite that is both ultra simple and satisfying. When you’re gathering ingredients, buy double. They’ll get gobbled quicker than you think.
To Watch:
With the kiddos, the best watches are A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, and of course, Elf. Those flicks are on TV all month, and are a surefire way to sink into the spirit at days end.
If you’re on your own or with your love, The Family Stone, Love Actually, and Meet Me in St. Louis are some of our absolute must watches each year to really lean into the Christmas spirit. What’s more lovely than Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”? Chills!
To Decorate:
Whether you’re in an apartment or a mansion, just pull out all the stops and really treat yourself to a festive home this year. It’s truly a joy from start to finish to gather the goods and decorate your home for the season.
Start with a wreath so you’re greeted each time you return home with the holiday spirit. Get a bit of mistletoe for some smooching. Pick up a live Christmas tree and string it with lights and ornaments. Buy yourself a Douglas Fir candle for the coffee table. Decorate a gingerbread house. Hang up the stockings December 1st. Treat yourself to an advent calendar. In other words, go all out, Hermoza! Tis’ the season to be jolly, and jolly we will be!
To Give:
While you’re shopping for gifts, you can trust us at Hermoza for quality, beautiful items that'll suit both you, the women you love, and their little ones for when the sun comes out again or if you’re able to jet set somewhere for a swim. Otherwise, we suggest buying from other women owned businesses, and it’s so easy to with this perfect little guide.
Even if you can’t travel or be surrounded with every single one of your loved ones this season, there are plenty of ways to make these days merry and bright. We wish you the best, most blessed holiday season yet, and would love to hear how you’re making yours special. Besos!

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