How to Plan a Stylish End of Summer Party

How to Plan a Stylish End of Summer Party

It’s almost hard to believe that we are already in the month of August. With the beginning of August comes the realization that summer is coming to an end. Before we know it, the unofficial last day of summer will be here. What better way to end the summer than to throw the best backyard party imaginable. Here’s how we would throw an End of Summer party.

Starting off, we need a theme that fits the occasion. We have fallen in love with a Citrus Summer themed party. Hues of pink, yellow, and orange make for a colorful and tasteful event. Some of the most creative ideas we’ve seen at these parties include elegant centerpieces with tossed citrus throughout and extravagant floral arrangements that mirror this idea of mixing fruits and florals. Done right, this theme is not only unique, but will leave your guests feeling fresh just like your oranges and limes!


One of the most important parts of a party, and the part your guests will probably love the most, are the treats you’ll serve! Sweet treats are the way to everyone’s hearts! A few recommendations we have are cake pops and cookies designed like citrus. Simple as that! You can find many delicious recipes for cookies and cake pop which are an easy prep and clean up! Although we all love being the party planner here and now, the stress of it all can be a bit overwhelming. So, with these easy recipes, you’ll be done and in the pool in no time!


Now onto drinks! What’s a party without a couple spritz? Two perfect drinks for this occasion are Mimosas and Tequila Sunrises! Keep your guests refreshed and happy with these two simple drink options. Keeping it simple with orange juice is just another way to throw a perfect party without the hassle that comes with it. With the perfect drinks, comes the perfect way to serve them. A bar cart is a great way to serve your guests. While they relax, a bar cart can come and serve them drinks with ease. If your guests have taken to the water, we love the idea of having a floating drink bar ready in the pool! Your guests will be shocked at how prepared you are.


For fun in the sun, there will be so much for your guests to do. Fill up the pool with all the inflatables you can find, and you won’t be able to keep the kids out of the water! When the games of Marco Polo have ended, play a guessing game with all kinds of fruit. Have bowls of fruit can also add to your bright decor!


For a sweet ‘n’ sour day like today, we are highlighting the Dragonfruit collection for you to wear to match the occasion! Some these styles include the Genevieve One-Piece Swimsuit, the Anita One-Piece Swimsuit, and the Cecilia One-Piece Swimsuit. All would make a splash and are fittingly named after the bright and sweet Dragonfruit.

The Genevieve One-Piece Swimsuit is a bright vision in pink. Designed with just the right amount of coverage and contouring, this high-neck suit draws the eye and cinches the waist with a side sweeping knot tie.

If you choose your Anita One-Piece Swimsuit, you’ll be choosing the perfect suit for a pop of color and a world of polish. Pleat details cloaked along the top bodice highlight this suit’s design interest.

Lastly, if you pick up your Cecilia One-Piece Swimsuit, which is a rich, romantic staple, you’ll feel concealed and revealed in all the right places. Dragonfruit is our splashy, warm hue with a hint of simple joy.


And that ties up how you can throw the best End of Summer party that everyone will remember until you decide to do it all again next year! This time of year, should be filled with fun, family, and friends. So, enjoy our last month of summer and plan the party you’ve always dreamed of. Our takeaway would be to keep everything fresh like your fruit and make sure planning is easy peasy, lemon squeezy ;)


Marisa & Tiffany

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