How to Make the Most of Your Kauai Vacay

How to Make the Most of Your Kauai Vacay

Choosing which Hawaiian Island to go to is always difficult! Our favorite one this Summer is Kauai. If you’re looking for a true, authentic Hawaiian vacation, we recommend flying to Kauai. Kauai is the most tropical and green island of Hawaii and with so much to do, you will have an amazing experience and make the most of your getaway.

Here’s five activities we recommend you try make each day count when traveling to Kauai.

1) For a day of memories and adventure, we suggest hiking down to the bottom of Wailua Falls for a once in a lifetime chance to see the bottom of a 173ft waterfall. There are a few trails to get down to the falls if you’re feeling fearless. If you’d rather see this amazing view from afar, there’s multiple outlooks that are just as breathtaking. When heading back to your rental, we suggest stopping at the well-known Chicken in a Barrel stand for fresh BBQ chicken and Hawaiian rice.

2) Pack up the Jeep and drive down to the Poipu Beach for the day. Poipu is known for its family friendly shoreline with plenty to do from dawn to dusk. Snorkeling is a popular activity at Poipu because of its plenty of fish and other sea life swimming along the coast. After working up an appetite from swimming, walk across the park to Puka Dog and try an authentic Hawaiian style hot dog with coconut or pineapple flavors. After watching a beautiful sunset, stick around for a while after the sun disappears to see the dozens of sea turtles come to the shore for a midnight snooze.

3) If you have an entire free day and you need something amazing to tack onto it, sign up for a boat tour along the Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. It’s known for its towering sea cliffs, punctuated by narrow valleys, streams and cascading waterfalls. The coastline is not accessible except for boat, helicopter, or intense hiking. Kauai is called the Garden Isle for a reason, and this is going to be one of the best viewpoints to see its nature in all its glory. If a boat tour doesn’t sound riveting enough for you, helicopter tours are also an option and will leave you speechless.

4) If you need a day of rest, fill your day with sightseeing by driving to Hanapepe to walk the streets of this tiny town. We recommend this for families with little ones because Hanapepe is interestingly the location Lilo and Stitch is based on! You’ll see the resemblance the moment you arrive. Driving back to the south shore is a bucket list item in and of itself. You’ll see so many tropical sights and magnificent views the entire drive. End the day on the Shipwrecks Beach with a sushi picnic and the perfect number of waves for everyone to boogie board.

5) To round out your trip, drive to Princeville for a chance to swim in what the locals call, Queen’s Bath. This sight is a nature made pool that hangs off the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During low tide only, you can dive off a small cliff into the bath and take a dip with your family. This spot is usually more popular in the afternoon, so we recommend getting there early for a private swim and plenty of parking! After leaving, stop by one of the numerous fruit stands for fresh cut coconut, mango juice, and shaved ice (which you must try!). Fruit stands hold the most fresh and delicious fruit you’ll find on the entire island.

And that is your perfect itinerary for fitting in just about everything you can when visiting Kauai. Now that your trip is planned, the last bit of recommendations we have will help when packing your suitcase! When visiting Hawaii, bright and tropical colors are a must! Make sure to pack your Genevieve One-Piece Swimsuit in Dragonfruit and your Ivory Floral Kimono for a warm, pink look.


We would also love to see you in your Leonor One-Piece Swimsuit in Green Tropics or your Amelia One-Piece Swimsuit in Yellow Tropics! Pair either of these with its matching Julia Wrap Skirt also available in Green Tropics and Yellow Tropics.


One last suit we know would fit right in is your Genevieve One Piece Swimsuit in Aquamarine paired with your Rachel Skirt/Dress in Black Floral. The blue hues of your Genevieve will match Kauai’s crystal coves and have you blending in perfectly.


Visiting Kauai is a special time we know you are going to love! Having a packed itinerary with everything planned from food to activities to fashion is going to make booking your trip right away an easy decision. So, get your American Express ready and rack up those points because this trip is going to be so worth it!


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