How Should My Swimsuit Fit?

How Should My Swimsuit Fit?


Whether you are in the midst of getting ready for a holiday away from home or simply getting ready for some fun in the sun, we know that picking the right swimsuit for your body isn’t far from your mind. Finding the perfect fitting swimsuit can be hard, it’s as hard as buying your intimate garments – the fit truly needs to be perfect. At Hermoza, we believe you can find the swimsuit that makes you confidently and perfectly, you. 

It can be difficult to discover that picture-perfect fit, especially when shopping online, but we try and make the process easy here by having a simple and unlimited exchange system in place. This, with the help of our amazing team of stylists, should help you find the perfect swimsuit that feels comfortable and gives you an utterly feminine and sophisticated look. You can book an appointment with our stylists for a more hands-on experience, making sure you have all your options and that you can optimize your time with us at Hermoza. Here is our direct line to our stylists; we also accept in-store requests from local customers. We’d love to hear from you! 


We understand how hard it can be to not be able to shop in store and the pain of returns, but with all this in place no one should leave empty handed. Every figure is different, so with the hard work of our design team, we have perfected the fit to be able to work for every body type. Some swimsuits do work better for others, but when talking to our stylists and giving them your dimensions or following the size chart online, you will end up with a quality swimsuit that you love. 

When choosing your size for Hermoza swimsuits, we recommend you size one size up from your dress size. For example, if you are a size 6 in dresses or pants you are a size 8 in swimwear. Along with this, if you look at the size chart and are closer to one end in measurements, we recommend going to the size that you are closest to. The swimsuit should fit you perfectly. You will not see the lining coming out from under the swimsuit and you will feel lengthened and pulled in all the right places, because of the compressive fabric that we use.  

Here is our sizing and fit guide!  




Along with the size guide here is a template that shows you how to measure for the perfect fit and also how to measure directly on your body. 



If you are choosing a one-piece swimsuit or a two- piece swimsuit we have a wide range of options that give support in every area. Our swimsuits are luxurious on the outside, but power on the inside. Our compressive fabrics offer great support while feeling sleek and soft to the skin. Looking for more bust and chest support, we have great tummy control options and built-in wire bras. 

If you would like help curating a showstopping vacation or summer wardrobe made just for you, please email us at or phone us at 760.814.2039. Please feel free to email us with any questions pertaining to fit or wear throughout your shopping experience.  


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