High-Waisted Swimsuits for the High-Fashion Hermoza

High-Waisted Swimsuits for the High-Fashion Hermoza

Timeless elegance is just simple. It is thoughtful, refined, and classic, sure – but what works, just works. It’s not over-thought. It will never be the product of trying too hard. It is breathtaking in its basic, but never boring sensibilities.



A Hermoza after our own heart knows that her inherent beauty is what she is born with, not defined by or restricted to what’s in her closet. She makes fashion work for her, not the other way around. She’s fashion-conscious, but not burdened by fleeting trends.



Yet, there’s a reason why vintage throwbacks have stood the test of time. When nostalgia strikes, the first place we look is to those golden gals of the silver screen who got it right all those years ago. It can all be explained in one word – effortless.



Sift through our vision + mood boards on Pinterest and you will notice how influential the vintage aesthetic has been in helping Hermoza establish its own, fresh take on high-waisted bathing suits. Stunning, chic silhouettes elevated by refined, meticulous construction has been around for centuries, and if it’s not broken, we won’t attempt to fix it!

These women whole-heartedly embraced feminine, flattering, high-waisted swimsuits and modest swimwear because they could feel the distinctive comfort and confidence in full-coverage swimwear. Scrolling through their images, we see nothing of the matronly assumptions we’ve held of restrictive, frumpy one-piece swimsuits. These women are ICONS, and Hermoza is doing everything we can to harness just some of that magic they possessed.



We have been captivated by stunning styles that can step seamlessly from the sand to the shops without the slightest change. Simplicity. That’s what previous decades have shown us in fashion. High-waisted shorts and swimsuits were all the craze because they were polished and fun, all at once. They were an option the fashion industry provided to keep up with Hermozas who were ready for something as versatile as their lives. They realized that you don’t have to bear it all to accentuate long legs and a shapely torso. Women no longer had to choose comfort over style and their relief and confidence showed!



High-waisted shorts in a swimsuit are the best of all worlds. They are a satisfying and graceful alternative to skimpy bikini bottoms that exaggerate the appearance of unsightly muffin tops. And that tummy bulge that has made you so self-conscious season after season? High-waisted bathing suit shorts refine your silhouette so you can appreciate your figure instead of attempting to hide or reduce it.

Clothing, especially a one-piece swimsuit, should be constructed to help you celebrate your shape and that’s exactly what Hermoza’s new line is designed to do. With exclusive prints and styles envisioned to capture our in-house aesthetic, we are certain you’ll be channeling all those vintage vibes this season.

Our newly expanded line offers something for every Hermoza. All our swimsuits have fully lined full coverage to ensure the right support for your frame. Most swimsuits come with adjustable features to ensure the best fit and natural stretch for your figure. Their versatility adds to the heirloom-quality of their life wear, ensuring your investment is well-spent. With renewed palettes and patterns created just for Spring/Summer 2020, you’ll see key colors that have evolved to be even better suited and adaptive to your style.



Take our Elizabeth one-piece swimsuit for example. Perfect for the Hermoza who likes to balance a little bit of polish with a splash of play, the contrasting design highlights the glory of a high-waisted swimsuit with an adjustable side-swung belt. No need for a crop top or bikini tank either! The Elizabeth comes complete with a tankini-style top in bold hues that perfectly complements solid black high-waisted bathing suit shorts. Ideal for athletic, heart-shaped, post-baby, or pear-shaped bodies, this is one of the best (and last) high-waisted swimsuits you’ll ever find. Exclusive to the line, the divine stripes in the Bardot Stripe print gives you that fresh spirit of the 60s that you can take with you to your next beach bonfire.



Our Grace two-piece tankini swimsuit bottom is essential for the Hermoza who likes to change things up to suit her lifestyle or mood. Available in a simple, yet refined black, this is one of those high-waisted swimsuits that give you some space without leaving you hanging. With a regular cut on the legs, you'll have access to some Vitamin D without worrying about being too exposed. With fully lined full bottom coverage, you won’t have to spend your entire afternoon digging, pulling, or repositioning your swimsuit. The Grace’s built-in shapewear from our Sculpt Collection delivers comfortable, confident coverage that also offers a contemporary fit for the modern Hermoza.

Our Hermoza Felicia called it a “great bathing suit staple” that “would also be a great option for someone looking for high waisted bottoms that had a short torso!” In another awesome testimony to the value of a high-waisted swimsuit, she went on to say that “the material is a little thicker…which I felt like it made my waist look even smaller than it is…and also seems to hold me in more than the other suits did, which would be great for when I’m a little bit bloated ;). Even though I felt this held me in more than the others- it was still comfortable and not like wearing Spanx, where you can’t breathe.”



Another of our vintage-inspired faves is our Tiffany two-piece high-waisted swimsuit bottom. An alternative to shorts, the classic cut and coverage and adjustable side belt make this chic separate universally flattering for most. Perfect for the popular pastel trend and to mix + match, the Tiffany high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are available in periwinkle blue, black, navy, yellow, and our exclusive Sword Lily geometric print. With a boy cut on the legs, this high-waisted bathing suit is perfect to keep your skin protected while also serving up some serious style at the same time.



Our Faustina one-piece swimsuit channels that high-waisted swimsuit mood that we all know and love. Like our Elizabeth, you get another in-house exclusive that serves up a popular springtime floral bouquet print just in time for the season. Contrasting solid navy pairs perfectly with vivid pinks, oranges, yellows, blues, and greens for all the benefits of a high-waisted shorts swimsuit in a streamlined and sculpted tankini-style option.



High-waisted swimsuit shorts aren’t your only option to enhance your shape and protect your skin. Our Caroline swimsuit separates are the best swimsuit options for Hermozas who like to move. With fully lined full coverage, the Caroline comfortably stays in place without restricting you from doing anything you love to do. The regular cut on the legs ensures endless styling opportunities (with the matching Caroline top or with any of our other gorgeous separates). 

The high-waisted swimsuit is just everything – our pieces are fresh takes on the classic maillot and the traditional two-piece swimsuit. We’ve obsessed over features that keep the silhouette and style chic, while updating the construction to be lighter, softer, more supportive, and comfortable. Don't be surprised when you find yourself living in these pieces as if they were your second skin. Our one- and two-piece swimsuits and our resort wear for women are intended to fit your figure, your lifestyle, and your expectations to leave you free to focus on more important things like making memories of your own.

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Besos, Hermoza

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