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Hermoza's Genevieve One-Piece Featured in BuzzFeed's "21 Swimsuits That Are Actually Supportive For Big Boobs"

We at Hermoza are ecstatic to announce that our Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit has been featured in BuzzFeed's recent article, "21 Swimsuits That Are Actually Supportive For Big Boobs." As a woman-owned and Latinx-co-owned brand, it is an incredible honor to see our commitment to quality and timeless design recognized by such a reputable platform.

BuzzFeed highlighted Hermoza's dedication to creating classic and timeless silhouettes using high-quality materials. They shared with their readers that the name "Hermoza" comes from the Spanish word "hermosa," meaning "beautiful," a reflection of our mission to make every woman feel beautiful in her own skin.

What Makes the Genevieve One-Piece Special

Classic and Timeless Design: The Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit embodies our focus on creating elegant and timeless silhouettes that never go out of style.

High-Quality Materials: Made from luxurious, high-quality fabrics, this swimsuit offers the perfect balance of support and comfort, ensuring you feel confident and secure.

Supportive Fit: Specifically designed to provide excellent support for larger busts, the Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit ensures you can enjoy your time in the water without any worries.

Silky Feel: The fabric is not only supportive but also silky to the touch, providing a luxurious feel against your skin.

Customer Praise

We are particularly proud of the feedback we receive from our customers, and it's always gratifying to see these sentiments echoed in reviews. BuzzFeed shared a promising review from Jennifer Williamson D., who said, "The fabric is perfect—with enough support, yet silky. I really like the style." This review encapsulates exactly what we strive for with the Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit: a supportive, stylish, and comfortable swimsuit.

Embrace Summer with Hermoza

As summer approaches, finding a swimsuit that offers both style and support can be a challenge, but the Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit rises to the occasion. Designed to provide unparalleled support for bigger busts without compromising on style, it’s the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Thank you to BuzzFeed for featuring our Genevieve One-Piece swimsuit in your article. We're thrilled to see our swimsuits making a positive impact and helping women feel beautiful and confident.

Explore our collection and find your perfect summer swimsuit with Hermoza!

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