Hermoza’s New Year’s Playlist

Hermoza’s New Year’s Playlist

Hermoza’s New Year’s Playlist


Who says you can’t keep the holiday spirit high through the new year? Read on for our top hits for keeping your vibe resolution-ready and your mood marvelous all the way until the ball drops.


  1. “How Bizarre” -- OMC

No need to apologize for loving this bop. Start the night off right by setting a tone with your guests that admits we love dancing to a ridiculously good hook. Who cares that none of it makes sense? Fun guitars and playful horns make this the track all your guests will try to refuse dancing to but will fail miserably. Easy melodies and and singable, optimistic lyrics will have everyone up, weaving, and mouthing words in their comfort zones for a warm up to the rest of your carefully curated playlist.


  1. Más Futuro Que Pasado-- Juanes

Once all the good vibes are running through your place, keep the holiday spirit up with a solid Latin beat for the soul so everyone can wander through the kitchen to refuel and refresh. Hermoza is here for this new album that’ll keep a chill rhythm ruminating through every room. Pick up the pace with “El Pueblo” which makes us grateful for Juanes all over again. Always super cool with a smooth, timeless sound, the title track’ll give you the perfect song to get your abuelita and abuelito on the floor.


  1. “Cupid Shuffle” -- Cupid

This one never gets old and will get everyone on the floor. My favorite part is to see everyone make the simple steps their own with personal flair and flourish. Nothing unites a party better than a line dance. Get Nana up off the couch and moving along to the beat of a fun track like this or like Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up,” DJ Caspar’s “Cha Cha Slide,” or “The Macarena” by Los Del Rio. Keeping spirits high is easy with “The Wobble” by V.I.C. which was on Beyoncé’s list of dances to do when visiting family. And if it’s good enough for Beyoncé …


  1. “This Girl” – Kungs & Cooking On 3 Burners

For a song that speaks to all your guests, add this one to your playlist. A sleek, accessible tempo is sure to get your pops on the floor and let’s be real, his dad moves are way better than all of ours. With a throwback, Gloria Gaynor-type of vibe, we dig a little disco to celebrate all we’ve accomplished in 2019.


  1. “One More Time” – Daft Punk

No get together is complete without something from the duo of dance parties. If you aren’t tired of it yet, play this song one last time before putting it to sleep for 2020 (and forever). Need something less played out, consider throwbacks from their first album like the awesome standbys, “Da Funk” or “Robot Rock”.


  1. “Rise” – Jonas Blue feat. Jack & Jack

When you just need a chill sing-along that gets your hands (and the drinks) in the air, this track doesn’t disappoint with an easy breezy bob and sway. Give the aunts and uncles a breather (if you can keep them off the dance floor) with a mellow, playful upbeat that gives you all the empowering “You Can Do It!” vibes you can handle. Get ready to take on those 2020 resolutions we know you’re already making.


  1. “Love Me” – Felix Cartal, Lights

I love me a fearless Hermoza who can command a stage and a mic and Lights surely delivers. Felix Cartel’s production is light and carefree and will help you dance through any remaining feels you have from 2019. Snap along with dynamic rhythms that’ll have you skipping the gym in the AM, but make sure to hydrate.


  1. “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

None of our family parties are complete without this timeless bop that always has the entire guest list singing along (even from their seats). This blast from the past will take them all back with something they are sure to dance to.


  1. “Across the Room” – ODESZA feat. Leon Bridges

With an old school vibe that’ll have everyone grabbing a dance partner, this sweet track will have you holding on to your loved one all the way to the countdown. Gorgeous melodies and vintage-inspired tones, every playlist needs a romantic song that’ll let you squeeze and hold a little tighter as you ring in the new year.


  1. “Best Part” – H.E.R. feat. Daniel Caesar

Keep the slow jams going with this stunning song from the queen Hermoza H.E.R.self. With all the adorable first-love feelings you can handle, this track will have you moving a little slower to a tempo that is perfect for 11:50 PM, just before the champagne’s uncorked.


Use our playlist for a fun foundation, then add all your favorites to make it all just a bit more personal. Don’t forget to add some throwbacks for mom and dad and some current chart toppers to keep the teens away from the tables and off their phones and always on the dance floor.


Besos, Hermoza

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