Hermoza and Chill this Season

Hermoza and Chill this Season

Hermoza and Chill this Season


In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, make it a point to carve out some one on one time with your best Hermoza – YOU! Nothing says self-care better than taking a step away from all the decisions and invites for a deep breather that can renew your spirit. Read on for our quick tips for keeping calm and refreshed while you’re hearing those sleigh bells ringing.


Stream Something


With time off on the weekends, why not skip the rush to the stores like everyone else and order online? Have something shipped to the house instead, find yourself an amazing blanket, brew something warm and cozy in for a day (and night) watching something fun and uplifting. We loved Ladies in Black on Amazon, because it gave us all those chic, vintage vibes of fashionable women working in a department store in Australia during the 1950s. It is charming. To keep up with inspiring Hermozas who have class and strength on lock, watch Victoria if you haven’t yet. Captivating and intriguing, the show follows the pint-size monarch as she carves her way into a reign of significance and into the heart of a dashing Prince Albert (swoon).


Try something new and nerdy with the super popular Mandalorian on Disney+. Don’t balk at it just because you don’t like Star Wars either. The show is full of rich and complex characters, the storyline is engaging, and you aren’t required to know everything there is to know about the galaxy far, far away just to enjoy the fun and suspense of it all. If following a bounty hunter on his mission to keep it all together just isn’t your thing, the new service offers something for everyone: classic animated and live-action films, all the old fave TV shows from your childhood, and brand-new content made just for the service. I love a good BTS doc and The Imagineering Story does not disappoint. Take a heartwarming look through the magic behind the mouse as Walt and his team build the empire that still melts our hearts decades later.


Take a Walk


The neighborhood looks like a winter wonderland, so why not bundle up and take a hot chocolate traveler along for a walk around the block? Festive strings of twinkles and sparkles are everything you need to revive your spirit. Ooh, aah, point, and exclaim to your heart’s content while reveling in those seasonal vibes. Every time I do this with my family, we inevitably end up breaking out in song, calling attention to ourselves like an impromptu bunch of carol singers. It’s cheesy, but great fun and we usually end up meeting a new family who just moved in or actually talking to that couple we just wave at as we are outside raking leaves on the weekend. It’s encouraging to see the effort people take to make their part of the world beautiful and sharing that appreciation with them is a win-win for everyone.




You don’t have to get all new-agey just to appreciate breathing. There are several practices that can help you keep your cool without requiring you to buy in to any particular teachings. Consider an app for your phone to keep things portable. Headspace and Calm are both excellent tools for getting to sleep better and faster, stressing less, focusing more, and living well. Headspace’s basic content pack is always free (I have cycled through it repeatedly for 5 years+), but some content is only available through subscription. Calm has several modules geared toward your specific situation or interest so you can custom fit your mental vacay to your comfort. Both platforms offer guided practice that can help you re-center, rethink, and reposition some of the energy that might not be serving you.


Read Something


Check book lists for the latest and greatest so you will have something to talk about at your next shindig. Reading keeps you rested and gets you inside your head in the best way. Consider recommendations from friends and loved ones to create connections built on common interests (even if the latest spy novel just isn’t your thing). Join a site like goodreads.com that encourages community through readership. Sharing your thoughts and feelings on a novel that moved you or learning something mind blowing about your favorite actor and their process through fame is the perfect solo date for this time of year. If you feel like venturing out, gather a gaggle of your best girls and form a book club (but make sure to actually spend time talking about the book).


Create Something


There are reasons why Bob Ross and everything he painted were so happy all the time. Studies have shown that making something with your hands fires off fab vibes in your brain that can make you happier and can leave you feeling accomplished. Journal, make a collage, arrange flowers or foliage, make art -- the opportunities are endless! Knit or bake treats for friends for an added bonus that enables you to spread your magical mood to others. Color with your best kiddo for quality 1:1 time that often gets lost when we are our busiest. If you are musically inclined, invite a small group of friends over for a low-key jam session that will likely become an annual tradition. Use your strengths to share with others or be bold and learn something new.




My go-to holiday hits have always been the standards, but there are so many fun stations curated specifically for mixing things up. From Holiday Favorites to Country Christmas to Classic Rock Christmas and Holiday Party, Amazon Music will keep tidings of joy floating through the room, giving you all the nostalgic feels. And why not have fun with Pop Christmas which is so bubble gum, you’ll want to make a gingerbread house just to indulge in some of the sweetness. I love a good instrumental album, and Yo Yo Ma’s Songs of Joy & Peace is a lovely, restful way to ring in the season, perfect for wrapping presents and filling stockings.




And do it like no one is watching. Crank up the music and let it all out in the kitchen. Dancing and laughing releases endorphins which give your mood a boost and helps you better balance your health. Combine an awesome playlist with feel good hits and learn new choreography with your girlfriends for a fantastic girls’ night in. Release tension and sing your heart out to your fave tracks so you can reconnect with you or with your best Hermozas. Especially when it seems like you have one commitment after the other, taking time out to cut a rug might just be the best thing you could put on your wish list.


We know you are doing everything and all the things until you ring in the new year, but make sure to take a moment to ground yourself in the calm and peace that is in abundance all around you. It is never too early and you never need permission to reflect on all the beauty around you, how much you’ve gown, and all you’ve accomplished. Sit in your good feels and give yourself the gift of a minute to take it all in.


Besos, Hermoza

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