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The Game Changer

This blog post was written for us by our good friend Katy. We hope you enjoy it!


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There Is No Competition When Your Suit’s From Hermoza


Like many of you, I used to buy my suits from the department store. EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER I would scour the racks for any option that would be the most flattering without being too revealing. I went through this process EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER because my suit from the previous year had likely already lost its shape and color, had started pilling, or was no longer on trend.


Just for fun, I tried on my swimsuit from last year, something I hadn’t done since wearing my first Hermoza swimsuit. I was completely stunned to find so many issues with a suit I had once considered fitting for my shape and size. In a short amount of time, my expectations of what is acceptable and desirable in this industry has grown exponentially.


I thought my suit from last year was lovely. It is color-blocked with coral and black and has flattering Grecian-style draping that accentuates my bust while providing dignified coverage. I soon started seeing all the flaws in this off-the-rack mess. The straps are not appropriate for a suit in this style. Spaghetti thin straps offset the draped coverage, making my bust seem larger than it actually is. It offers no support, so I wind up just looking frumpy and matronly. The color blocking I had once thought flattering only accentuates my stomach, not sculpted it in the least. The coverage is wide and offers no shape – in fact, the boxiness of my suit detracts from my natural figure, leaving it look unpolished and frumpy.


My go-to Hermoza suit is the Cristina, a highlight in the Shape and Protect Collections. It has completely redefined for me what a one-piece should offer. It does not accentuate my tummy, the coverage is complete, and the detailing is not overbearing. The feel is exquisite as well – seriously, a second skin. My Cristina suit complements and smooths my shape. It is graceful and chic and enables me to feel comfortable in every activity or at any event. I never worry about moving or lounging because, in and out of the water, my suit stays in place and contours to my body. The post-consumer econylon is a complete dream as well. When I receive compliments on my suit, I always turn into a nerd and say, “could you believe this fabric is made of recycled materials?” I usually get a cringe and an “oh, how cool.” It’s easy to brag when you know Hermoza, as a company, believes in making conscious choices to create sustainable products.


When I touched my off-the-rack department store swimsuit, the fabric was cheap, thin, rough, and hardly durable. Why in the world would I ever settle for this? It’s because we have been trained to be accepting. While being amenable is endearing, overlooking low quality is not. Hermoza offers women the chance to invest in themselves, a chance to commit to better standards of construction, to become confident in themselves, and to trust socially responsible companies lead by strong women.


Now that I know what it takes to make high quality swimwear, I will never settle for anything less than the best. I am grateful this company exists to maintain the highest standards and that it offers women a sophisticated direct-to-consumer alternative to shopping in one-style-for-all department stores.


With the Hermoza line of swim and resort wear, style and dignity are timeless. Our suits are heirloom-quality and are well-crafted from imported Italian novelty fabrics. They offer swimsuits that move, shape, sculpt, and protect. Their swimsuits are fully lined, enabling me to be comfortable enough to swim in a suit that is flattering and functional. Now that I have the suit of my dreams, I doubt I will ever go back to the department store. The best part of this company is that there are multiple options available to complete my look. Since I am so in love with my Cristina swimsuit, the next thing I get to do is find the best resort wear for women and accessories to showcase her in all her glory, because, let’s be real, this suit is here to stay.


So, Hermoza. Have you already received one of our suits? How does it compare to last year’s swimsuit from other companies? Join the conversation in the comments section below or on social media with the hashtags

#thehermoza and #elevatedexpectations.


Love, Katy

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