Freedom Through Fashion

Freedom Through Fashion

As everyone gears up for backyard BBQs and fireworks shows, the main thing on my mind is what am I going to wear? I want to be stylish, comfortable, yet practical because I know spending a whole day celebrating our nation’s freedom means fearlessness. I love wearing bold colors to fit a theme and will often pair that with some kind of kitsch that is not typically suitable on a regular day. I love headbands, statement earrings, and a bit of sparkle to add a bit of playfulness to my ensemble.



Each season, I find a piece that just speaks to me. It meets me where I am and enables me to feel confident and capable. Just like yours (I am guessing), my life is busy. I need pieces in my wardrobe that fully meet the demands of my life, while sustaining my taste level, and that fit me beautifully. I want to my selections to be versatile; I like customizing my pieces in several different ways to maximize the innovation in my closet. I like challenging utility as well. All the time, I will wear a Hermoza cover up in my hair to level up a messy bun even if I am just making a quick trip to the grocery store. It never fails – I always get compliments and questions about our brand which is a perfect way to share our collections and story with women in the community who are looking for alternatives.


As a fairly new brand, Hermoza is willing to challenge the current standards and practices of the swim and resort wear industry. We aren’t afraid to reinvent or take new approaches on the way things are done because we know our Hermozas are looking for that perfect fit that will take them confidently and comfortably wherever they want and need to go. So, we work hard to understand what it takes to be great in this business. We are certainly learning as we go, but we are in it for the long run and we hope you are too. Thank you to all our loyal Hermozas who see and believe in our vision!



The main factors in building this brand has been our willingness to feel FREEDOM from fear. We live inspired lives that enable our aspirations to become reality for our Hermozas. We trust our intuition while we create pieces that speak directly to us and to our hearts. It is an exhausting process, but it is exhilarating at the same time. We are committed to this process and we are determined to see it grow and develop beyond our wildest dreams. Above all, we know Hermoza isn’t Hermoza without all of you. We are dedicated to getting to know each of our loyal Hermozas because we know you want more and so we are invested in meeting and exceeding your expectations for swim and resort wear.



Take a minute to explore our July 4thStyle Guide. There, you will find the inspiring and dynamic colors every true American searches for when stylizing the perfect holiday ensemble. You’ll find many styles and designs that are sure to spark compliments and ignite conversations as you stroll through summer. Be brave enough to try our swimwear as a body suit under a pair of denim cut offs or with a pair of light linen trousers for the perfect lakeside get up.



Our favorite leading Lady Liberty certainly has a style and class of her own. Create your own statuesque silhouette by selecting a swimsuit that showcases your inherent grace and beauty. Consider our stunning Johanna one-piece available in a heroic navy blue that is suitable for all our Hermozas. With a single-shoulder style reminiscent of our favorite New Yorker, the Johanna is a modern take on a classic shape. As part of our Movement Collection, this swimsuit feels like a luxurious second skin. It is fully lined and has a regular cut on the legs (available in hipster cut in other colors and prints). Full chest and bottom coverage ensures you are able to move freely and fabulously in this stylish spectacular. If you require a bit more support, the Johanna is also available in other colors and styles from our Shape Collection. This option for this style will smooth out your beautiful frame just enough to give you a liberating peace of mind without restriction. Find the fit that is perfect for you and let your fashion flag wave forever more.



So, Hermoza, what are your plans to celebrate for the 4thof July? How do you plan to stylize your fashionable freedom? Take chances with your wardrobe. Live freely. Be bold. Connect with us on social media to show us your spirit! #hermozaswim #wellsuited #4thofjulystyle #4thofjulyfashion


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany  

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