For the Love of Color

Sure, warm beiges, sleek blacks, creamy whites and soft greys will always get the job done. Neutral staples always have and always will do a ton of heavy lifting in the wardrobe department, keeping us feeling as classic and chic as we greet the day. But who could live without color? What’s more fun than stepping into a room and conjuring images of sunshine and celebration? When we design our suits, we like to draw inspiration from crystal waters, vivid florals, and cheerful hues that harmonize and suit every Hermoza they grace. Here are some of our most vibrant colors that we think deserve a bit of attention:
Sea Blue
When you put on your Sea Blue Marilyn One-piece, you’ll understand why we picked that specific hue. It’s a halfway point between the most brilliant turquoise stone and the calmest waters that lap the shores of the Virgin Islands. It’s a tone of blue that beckons tropical vibes and the utter peace that all things tropical bring. Pair your Sea Blue suit with some silver jewelry, your sun kissed shoulders and a dip in the ocean for the ultimate salute to the deep blue sea.
Garden of Ava
The brushstroke florals of our Garden of Ava print are an absolute party. Why pick one color when you could wear twelve?! With Garden of Ava, we wanted to give you the option of wearing a swimsuit as vibrant, lively and ornate as you are should the opportunity arise. These vivacious tones are perfectly balanced by the classic and universally flattering square neckline halter of our Nicole Tankini. Pair this print with a smile and light up any room you enter, guaranteed.
Flamenco Pink
Flamenco Pink is our subtle nod to the most cheerful, feminine color in nature. When you cross paths with a pink this pleasing, it is always something exquisite - think of lush bougainvillea, juicy watermelon, a flock of flamingos, or a swath of Bahamian sand. Pink stands out and inspires a unique joy we’re sure you’ll feel in our Flamenco Pink Cecilia One-piece. This shade is celebratory, stunning, and instantly mood boosting. We’re certain you’ll love it.
Green Papaya
The lush hue of our Green Papaya color way is a vacation in and of itself. We landed on this shade of green because it is somehow both vibrant and understated, and universally flattering to any skin tone. Green is unexpectedly neutral in that it pairs well with most colors, and is proven to make those beholding it feel calm and refreshed - this particular shade of green is sure to make you feel all of the above. It’s tone is that of banana leaves that swaying above a tropical shore, or of course, the skin of a gorgeous papaya, fresh and ready to eat. When you lay seaside in your Genevieve One-piece in Green Papaya, side effects may include feelings of calm, comfort, and renewal, and certainly questions from your friends on where you got your suit.
What colors do you love, Hermoza? Whatever they may be, we’re sure you’ll find something you like from our collection. Each and every pattern and hue was thoughtfully selected to make you look and feel luxurious, gorgeous, and as vibrant as you’d like.

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