Fashionably Fresh at the Farmers’ Market

Fashionably Fresh at the Farmers’ Market

Fashionably Fresh at the Farmers’ Market


I absolutely LOVE street fairs and festivals and to me, nothing says summer like a farmers’ market (other than swim and resort wear, of course). You will never find a more eclectic and exciting group of businesses in one location any other place, or at any other time. Most cities have them on a weekly basis once Spring hits. For those of us who are willing to brave the heat (super easy with a sun dress, hat, and sunnies), a farmers’ market is a gold mine for conscious and sustainable products and treats. 



Typically, I spend my evening at the market NOT trying to eat my weight in snacks. I love street food and the farmers’ market never disappoints. From delicious food trucks to homemade delights, I must be super selective or else I’d just have one of everything. To make things easy, I focus on meeting local entrepreneurs, learning their stories, and connecting on what drives them to keep things fresh, fun, and interesting.



I never leave the farmers market uninspired. There are so many vibrant colors, invigorating sounds, and delectable smells, every week is a different crowd with a different vibe. Each week, I stock up on several things: fresh fruits and veggies for meal planning, fresh flowers to liven up my house, and a seasoning or a condiment to spice up my recipes. I learn more about cooking at the farmers market than I ever have from any cookbook ever. For instance, what the heck are microgreens and what makes them so ridiculously delicious?? Yes, please to some yummy daikon radish sprouts in a blender with some crema for a delightful kick to tacos and quesadillas.



This year, I started picking up the cutest little succulents to place around the house. They are perfect for adding some life and color to your space without having to nurture delicate indoor blooms. Plus, it is ridiculously fun to add them to terrariums and shelves in little complementary groups. They have such distinctive character and they are hardier than flowers which makes it easy to invest each week in something new. Star Succulent Nursery always has the greatest selection to customize a beautiful arrangement of your own. 



Finding the perfect clothing boutique is a breath of fresh air, especially when it’s July and nearly 100° in California. Lovely Girl Mobile Boutique is seriously the most darling little truck of goodies you will ever find. Owned by two gorgeous women with impeccable taste, this company is chic, stylish, and accessible. Available year-round, the truck offers seasonal options in bold, feminine palettes that are flattering and unique. I’ve never worn anything from Lovely Girl that I have ever seen available anywhere else. You could easily stand in the center of the truck and find a head-to-toe-look for any occasion, complete with the cutest bags I’ve ever seen. TBH, it’s almost as hard visiting here as it is making good choices at the food trucks.



Farmers’ markets are perfect for those of you with fur babies too. You will always find innovative artisans who have handcrafted the cutest accessories for your sweet pup. Bowties, sunnies, neckerchiefs, collars, and chew toys can help you spoil your sweet doggy, especially if he has a style of his own. Check out Dashing Dogs Boutique, the most charming truck for your four-legged friend. With their wide selection of personalized, witty products, everyone will see and know how awesome your dog is when you two are out and about together. 



Two Hermozas after our own hearts are Karen Chandler from Olive Drop and Lucrecia Quesada from Crystal Rose Confectionary. Both strong, driven, and distinctive, these lovelies have created niches in their respective markets that can only be filled by the delights they create themselves. Focused on creating businesses that speak for themselves, these women lead with sophistication and class. Karen’s olive oil is an absolute gift. Light, delicious, and flavorful, her selection had me spinning with all the possibilities for summer cookouts and family dinners. Lucrecia’s buñuelos are seriously divine. Crispy, crunchy, and coated with cinnamon and sugar, these little Mexican fritters are the perfect complement to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. If I HAD to pick only one indulgence from the market each week, it would have to be these special little treats. I’ve never found them anywhere else, made quite like this. Must be all the love baked in. 



After an hour in the heat, I was desperate for something to drink. I couldn’t be more excited to find The Lemon Box. With an extensive menu to quench any thirst, this adorable little truck hosts a citrus beverage bar that is perfect for any event. I chose the French lavender lemonade because it sounded delightful, refreshing, and elegant. And. It. Was. Wow. I couldn’t have made a better selection. Nicole’s drinks will certainly be my market finisher because after drinking every ounce of deliciousness, I rallied and was ready for at least another hour of shopping. My only regret is that I drank it so fast, I forgot to snap a pic of its gorgeous, colorful ingredients.



So, Hermozas, have you found the local fresh life in your town? Farmers’ markets are ideal for connecting with your community, for experiencing the farm to fork movement, and for making easy memories with friends and family. Get outside, experience positive, kind, free events that are perfect for the kiddos and ideal for that sweet summertime nightlife. Let us see what you find! Connect with us on social media with #hermozaswim #beautywellsuited.


Special thanks to KC Flowers, Lujan Farm, and Kanelos Family Farm.


Besos, Hermosa

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