Family Vacations During Covid

Family Vacations During Covid

Hermoza, remember when you could tidy the house, pack up the car and head off on a mini adventure? Those were the days, and if you’re anything like us, you miss the planning and memories of worry-free getaways, especially the kind that involve the beach, a one piece swimsuit and a great book.

True, family vacations during Covid may feel near impossible. How can we safely wrangle the troops out of the house for a special trip while we’re in the throes of a global pandemic? Where exactly are the best places to travel during Covid? How can we be as safe as possible without sacrificing too much fun?

We did some thinking and decided that though it’s hard, there is a way to do it right. Take a look at our tips and ideas below if you and yours are feeling cooped up, need an escape, and are looking for some guidance on the who, what, where of Covid vacation ideas.


Less is more:

If you’re skipping the airport and opting for a road trip (which we strongly suggest), pick a destination close enough to home that you’re not stopping in too many cities along the way. It’s a bit of a challenge to effectively choose places to go during Covid even at home, so plan to spend a bit of time thinking out how to minimize the amount of detours en route to your destination. Less stopping is more safe for your loves and littles on family vacations during Covid, Hermoza! And the sooner you get there, the sooner you can dig into much deserved vacation vibes.



Game plan for mealtime:

Another tip along those lines - pack food so you’re not stopping to eat at places people may not be wearing masks. When you arrive at your destination, figure out where the nearest grocer is and plan to prepare most of your meals where you’re staying. The idea is to minimize the risk of exposure, so covering your bases when it comes to meal time is super important.


Embrace the Great Outdoors:

We’re all aware that being outside strongly reduces the risk of transmitting or catching this virus. With that in mind, what type of trips to take during Covid are better than camping trips? Skip resorts, cruises, group tours or dense cities as your destination, and instead embrace camping as maybe the best vacation you could choose during Covid. Pack up everyone’s hiking boots, shade your gorgeous face with a Hermoza hat, and embrace hiking, cooking and sleeping beneath big open sky as a safe bet for your family vacation during Covid.


Home away from home, (but different!):

The funny thing about this time is that with widespread shut downs of restaurants, museums, and public places at large, a family vacation during Covid may just sort of, well, feel like you’re at home. To avoid that, we suggest staying in a place that is totally different from where you live. AirBnb and are great resources for finding absolutely gorgeous retreats nearly everywhere. Go for a place with funky decor, a deck and a firepit, and plan on activities that are fully out of the ordinary. The more different, the more memorable! Also don’t be afraid to pack nice things. Get dressed up for dinner, put on your best resort wear, and have fun being fancy! However you spin it, just be sure you’re leaning into the celebration of your getaway.


Take the road less traveled:

Don’t follow the crowds for your trip. You might be thinking touristy areas aren’t densely packed during this time, but you’d be surprised. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in a crowd and worry that your family vacation during Covid became a trip where everyone got sick. So, where to vacation during Covid, Hermoza? Well, there are hidden gems all over this country that are so full of history and beauty you wouldn’t believe it. Do a bit of research in your state and pick a place you’d never otherwise think to go. Find a beautiful little airbnb, and dig into the details of a town you’ve never seen before. Take the road less traveled by, and it will make all the difference.


Just keep swimming:

If you’re blessed enough to live somewhere warm these winter months, or are able to travel safely to a place where you can swim or sunbathe, we say go for it! There are few vacations more relaxing than those where you’re swimming or basking in the sun, and after a year like this, we’re all due for a good dip. East Coasters, think a cottage in Key West. West Coasters think poolside in Palm Springs. Just go where it’s warm and you can chill poolside in your luxury swimsuit for the best vacation during Covid that is possible. Just slide on your Leonor One-piece in gingham, put your littles in their Little Britt One-pieces, and just keep swimming!


What are some of your vacation ideas during Covid, Hermoza? Comment below and tell us how you’re escaping the everyday amidst the chaos of this year. We hope you find some time for a safe, peaceful trip - especially one where you can kick back, relax, and show off your favorite Hermoza swimwear.

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