Facing the Facts with Hermoza

Facing the Facts with Hermoza

By now, you’ve felt the massive shift in focus in the fashion industry (and the world over, TBH). Countless designers and houses are investing all their energy and efforts into repurposing and devoting fabrics to constructing masks to protect essential workers and individuals living with pre-existing conditions.


What we quickly saw across the globe is an immediate answer to a widespread need to maintain safety and security in our communities. Shortages only lead to the anxiety and pressure placed on essential workers during this time, so local and statewide agencies banded together with organizations willing to lend a helping hand, to sew in service. 


While medical grade fabrics are not as accessible as cotton, neoprene, and post-consumer recycled nylon, the fashion industry sees the opportunity to give back in gratitude for what so many have done for us. By sewing nonsurgical masks to help maximize options in response to the COVID-19 crisis, fashion houses are answering the issues of halted large-scale factory production. When so much is uncertain, the best-case scenario for the fashion industry is to answer the call to be of assistance, even if it is on a smaller scale.


Most masks coming out of garment districts around the world are at a stand still as a result of manufacturing departments being located overseas. So, while it is phenomenal so many are willing to support those on the frontlines, conditions and legislation are limiting. 



Hermoza has set to work, which only looks slightly different from what we are used to doing. Typically, all scraps return to the production process to minimize waste. Instead, as a form of crisis response, our design and construction teams have come together in the U.S. to produce masks in adult and youth sizes, free of charge for those in need.



Our luxury, heirloom-quality swimwear fabrics already contain antimicrobial properties right in the fabric, making the face masks we produce a mindful option while out in public. Our face masks are not medical grade, but are easy to use, simple to wash, and perfectly reusable. What’s better, our masks come handmade with a pocket in front for filters or additional barriers to keep you safe while out in public.


In addition, any funds needed to sustain the process and production of face masks is fully provided by our company’s owners, not from company profits. It’s just our way of putting our resources together to help those in need. The connections we’ve made with our brand have enabled us to form a crisis support team here in Southern California. 



If you or someone you know is high-risk and in need of a mask, contact us directly at office@hermozaswim.com, while supplies last.


For more information on how to use (+ make) cloth face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to flatten the curve, read through the CDC’s resources online.


Hermoza’s initiative and investment comes from its long-standing commitment to serve others, to extend our many blessings to those in need, and to use our awareness to help others live and lead with dignity. 


Our Modern Day Hero campaign aims to honor Hermozas who with open hearts and tireless efforts are lifting up their communities or are keeping others safe and healthy in these challenging times. To nominate a special person in your life, contact us at office@hermozaswim.com.


Besos, Hermoza

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