Fabulous at 50

Fabulous at 50

So, Jody is prepping for her trip to Italy. It’s not until June, but she revels in the researching, the planning, and the decision-making. She’ll be gone for ten days, including several days on a house boat on Lake Como. Knowing Jody, this trip is certain to be elegant and sophisticated.


When Hermoza writes about the muse of their brand – think Jody. She is sophisticated, practical, and has a charming sense of humor. As mother to a flourishing entrepreneur, Jody’s strength and passion are evident. Daily, she supports her daughter’s new coffee roasting company in the heart of the Central Valley in California. Taste and class are clearly genetic because Jody and her daughter both have a radiant, refreshing, transformative style.


For a time, Jody lived in Southern California. “Back then,” she spent long periods of time in the sun, with limited consideration for the harmful effects of UVA and UVB exposure. There never seemed to be enough sunscreen or a single swimsuit that could keep her neck and the rest of her body safe from dangerous, repeated sunburns. Now, protecting her skin is essential if she is going to enjoy any time on location.


The last time Jody packed for a vacation, she gathered the basics: a swim suit, a cover up, slip on sandals, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. The issue with her holiday vision was clear – she didn’t feel put together and knew immediately that she was settling for swimwear separates that were not well-suited to her body type and taste level.


She likes a tankini to “work around” some areas of concern lingering from motherhood, but the styles available to her from department stores lack sophistication. It is always the same depressing experience: she tries on ten swimsuits to find none that fit her with appropriate coverage. She might find something that fits some sections OR flatters some sections, but never both and all at the same time. She ends up settling for potentially see-through separates that do little to enhance her inherent confidence, ensuring her uncertainty and discomfort at the beach, pool, and resort.


The exuberant relief she felt after looking at Hermoza’s line was evident the minute she saw several samples. She was amazed by the exquisite feel of fabrics made from recycled post-consumer materials. When she looked at the newly-launched website, more relief! Finally, classic swim and resort wear that is chic and not frumpy. And ruching that accentuates a woman’s figure! She wished more companies caught on to the delicacy of such a simple, yet essential detail has long been one of her favorites.


Jody gravitated to the suits in the Sculpt Collection. She could tell the breathable, durable, supportive, imported Italian fabrics would easily replace the suits she felt pressured into purchasing from the department store.


Immediately, she started envisioning herself in the Caroline two-piece tankini or the Genevieve one-piece. The detailing in the high-waisted bottoms and the delicate wrap around belt at the waist could be solutions to issues she has long harbored at the beginning of every resort and vacation season. She no longer would have to hide parts of her body or feel ashamed to celebrate her shape. In a Hermoza swimsuit, she wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave her lounge chair at the resort to go to the restroom or to get a drink. She wouldn’t have to cover up all her problem areas, because her suit has supported her natural, beautiful shape, enabling her to feel confident and secure.


That is the best-case scenario for us at Hermoza. If our suits and accessories encourage you to lift your chin a little higher, to breathe a little deeper, and rest a lot more comfortably in your own skin, we’ve done exactly what we set out to do.


Spring is here, Hermozas! How are you packing for your vacation? What essentials are you keeping in your luggage and wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section below.


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