Fabulous at 30

Fabulous at 30

Grace and Tradition at 30 –  (w/ Our Friend, Cristina)

Cristina’s personality and energy are greater than her diminutive frame. At only 5’1”, this lovely Latina is a self-described “Granola” who gravitates toward the finer things. She appreciates high-quality from food & drink to engaging conversations about topics that matter most. She operates according to the adage, “Buy once, cry once” because it enables her to invest in things that last.


The oldest of four kids born to Mexican and Colombian parents, Cristina remains conscious of her heritage, values, and faith. This has helped her develop into a strong, independent, driven wife and mother of three. Her dedication to her family is second to none.


She grew up swimming and playing water polo in high school. This experience engrained in her the expectation that swimsuits needed to be form fitting so she could compete well and without distraction. Even in her doughboy at her childhood home, her swimwear was fitted and practical. She chose from athletic fabrics that were standardized and designed to enable her movement and performance.


Even now, as an adult, Cristina remains selectively consistent. She typically wears competitive training suits that dry quickly, maintain their shape and form, stay snug, and are durable after many uses. While her taste level is elevated, this concession has brought her the playful ridicule of her sisters when they call her “Coach” for her lack of fashion sense in swimwear. What she realized is that “all-purpose” equates to “not fashionable.”


Each season, she selects a swimsuit she can wear to the beach, during competitions, or recreationally in the pool. This challenge is one she has yet to overcome as most multipurpose suits aren’t flattering, aren’t tight enough, and are often too revealing. She spends long afternoons engaged with her kids and wants to be able to play without having to think for a second about the suit she’s wearing.


Recently, she purchased her navy Cristina one-piece swimsuit from Hermoza. As the piece’s namesake, she decided to indulge and to try a style and design that was distinctive from her usual competitive swimwear choices. The Cristina one-piece looks exquisite on her. It’s not too high cut, it hugs to her body without restriction, and it has a chic look that is timeless and elegant.


For Cristina, this is important. When she invests in herself, her decision is measured. Her utilitarian sensibilities speak to years of being raised by equally sensible parents. They taught her the value of taking the best care of both her body and spirit to be of greater service to her family while engaging in all that life has to offer. This translates to the fact that Cristina brings out the best in everyone around her. As a former teacher, her students would describe her as knowledgeable and direct. Her friends describe her as passionate and bold. Her family describes her as genuine and beautiful. As a nurse, her patients would describe her as attentive and informed.


Cristina purchased the Cristina one-piece swimsuit as she was drawn to the shape and protect category. A compressive fit, UPF protection and also an eco-friendly fabric were elements that resonated with her. The criss cross strapping on the back suggested it would offer great support for her active lifestyle, but also great support for her larger chest. The design also appealed to her as she felt it was an elevated and sophisticated style that would flatter her all the while offering great form and fit for her swimming adventures.


A Hermoza of this caliber deserves a swimsuit that is much more than functional and practical. Cristina (and women like her) should be able to buy a well-crafted, stylish suit that is durable and will last for more than a single season. Flattering swimwear highlights your natural beauty without detracting or distracting.


So, what are you waiting for, lovely? Isn’t it time you selected a suit that speaks more to who you are now and to how beautiful and strong you have become? We’re ready to help you decide. Take a look through our four collections to find the suit designed for the life you should have always been living.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany




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