The Fabulous 20s

The Fabulous 20s

Terrific & Adventurous in Your 20s

Our friend Sofia is bold and confident and likes to be part of the scene, but is not limited by it. She is inspired by the ability to try new things and gravitates toward that which is modern and innovative. Her essence is effortless yet measured, calculated yet unassuming. When she takes weekend trips to Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, or Austin, the highlight of her experiences is exploring the culture and food of each location. Her vacations with family and friends to Hawaii, Mexico, Palm Springs, Colombia, and Italy afford her the opportunity to immerse herself in rich and diverse cultures. She is focused and determined yet, while on vacation, is willing to try new things and is spontaneous. Just like the rest of us, she wishes for more time to disconnect, to breathe freely, and to create balance between her work and social lives.


As she travels often for business (more so than the average young professional) Sofia chooses a palette that is functional and versatile to meet the needs and expectations of her company as their representative, but also to her aesthetic that is not bound by fashion trends. She knows what she likes, and she is most comfortable in fabrics and designs that are refined and structured, yet still breezy. Sofia keeps things simple and interchangeable, yet polished and sophisticated. She is inspired by her sister, Victoria’s cool, chic, well-rounded sense of fashion and is moved by the classic elegance of icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O (as are we all).


Her experiences shopping for swimwear have been time-intensive. She enjoys a well-crafted one-piece as she finds bikinis to be entirely too revealing. What she finds at most chain stores and some online boutiques are suits that do not flatter her figure without being skimpy or are simply offered at the wrong price for the quality of construction. When she found Hermoza, it was more than a line of swimwear that met her needs. She gravitated to our belief that there are and should always be options for every body type. Our belief that attractive suits should not require women to sacrifice comfort or coverage resonates with her. Sofia’s elevated expectations are exactly what Hermoza aims to meet.


When she had the opportunity to spend time with a few of our pieces, she was happy in material that helped her feel comfortable, not self-conscious. Here’s what she discovered:


The Marisa’s wide, but accessible straps afford her the luxury of adjusting and minimizing tan lines while also giving her freedom and range of movement when relaxing. Its functionality speaks to the demand for versatility that has become essential in her life as a young professional. While the Marisa is her one-piece of choice for lounging near the pool, it is also a stunning option as a bodysuit. Sofia has already envisioned her hair styled in a soft curl while wearing her Marisa in red under a pair of high-waisted light denim shorts, wedges, and gold hoop earrings. Talk about innovative!


The Genevieve in the Sword Lilly print is her go-to statement swimsuit that flatters her figure. With a longer torso, Sofia looks phenomenal with a single-tie belt that crosses her waist, highlighting one of her favorite features. It features a flattering halter top in a “super cute” pattern that showcases her slender upper torso yet still provides comfortable and complete rear coverage. Sofia is confident in the Genevieve as it is age-appropriate, yet not revealing or gratuitous.


Being a young professional who is part of the jet set is one of the best things Hermoza gets to celebrate. Women who are ready and willing to seek their own opportunities to explore the beauty in the world around them inspires US!


As we continue to grow our collections at Hermoza, we know you will find versatile pieces to cultivate a wardrobe that serves you in every aspect of your life. We know our Hermozas are daring and dynamic, just like our friend Sofia. Your swim and resort wear should meet you right where you are in your life and are not restricted to the beach or resort. We aim to designed well-crafted, heirloom-quality pieces that are adaptable to your lifestyle, never the other way around.


Hermoza will never ask you to make concessions for trends or fleeting styles. Our collections will continue to offer you timeless elegance that celebrates your femininity and elevates your expectations.


This Spring, Hermozas, celebrate those strong, enthusiastic, accomplished women in your life who are dedicated to moving and shaking the world around them all with the confidence of being in the skin they are in.


And you: Go. Get. It. Girl. You’ve earned it. #beautywellsuited #beautyinthedetails #thehermoza


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany



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