Embodying Elegance

Embodying Elegance


Our third brand pillar, is Embodying Elegance. Our one-pieces and tankinis alike, embody elegance and exude nothing less than subtle, timeless sophistication. ALWAYS. Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in a tasteful manner. In essence, it is a self-confidence that is natural and simply beautiful. It’s a radiant beauty that exudes with assertiveness and appreciation of one’s self.


This elegance and self-confidence are qualities we desire for every woman who purchases our swim and resort wear. In our experience, not many swimwear brands do this. Instead, they objectify women by designing tasteless swimwear that is gratuitous in its display of skin. Women desire to be elegant and graceful. At Hermoza, our designs strive to offer this without asking women to sacrifice their values.


When we were looking at fashion magazines for inspiration, we were often left uninspired and frustrated as we saw women hypersexualized and objectified. Elegance is and has always been distinctive from sensuality. Elegance is classic; it is simplicity at its finest. In high editorial and high-end fashion magazines, we found the inspiration for which we were looking. Our eyes were drawn to the timelessness of 1950’s and 1960’s fashion. The one-pieces especially were so exquisite, charming and undeniably feminine, it was hard not to be drawn to them. The fashion of these eras not only enhanced the natural beauty of a woman’s body and features, but it made her appear dignified and appealing without reducing her presence and gracefulness.


Hermoza is not reinventing the wheel of swimwear -- we are bring the wheel back to what swimwear used to be. Hermoza delivers effortless luxury and confidence with full-coverage swimwear that is sophisticated, well-designed, and beautifully crafted.


Here are just a few descriptions of some of our swimwear that is to come!


Tiffany Top: This graceful boat neck separate evokes a dignified class and grace ideal for the resort or beach life. With a high back, this top is protective and dignified. Suitable with the matching print or solid bottom, the distinction of choice has never been so elegant. 

Tiffany Bottom: The Tiffany bottom is striking with the matching Tiffany top or a perfect complement to the alternating print. The high-waisted silhouette is adorned with an adjustable tie across the hips that enhances a subtle, dignified style.

Marisa: The Marisa’s clean lines and tasteful design offer fashionable comfort and class to any Hermoza woman. Made with a luxurious fabric that feels like a second skin, the Marisa provides complete coverage without seeming matronly. 


Marisa and Tiffany 

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