Elevating Expectations

Elevating Expectations

Elevating Expectations - Setting new standards for quality, craftsmanship and value.


Our second brand pillar is Elevating Expectations. We are setting new standards for quality, craftsmanship and value in the swimwear industry. A woman is many things, but one thing she is not, is weak. For a woman who is and does so much, our product should be nothing less than strong, resilient, and beautiful. The Hermoza line of swimwear and accessories achieves this and so much more.


In creating our one-piece swimsuits and tankinis, we made a point to ensure each piece was crafted to the highest degree. In order to offer a great product, a multi-step process guarantees that our products achieve each of our high standards.


When crafting our swimsuits, we began with ideas we wanted to see come to life. There have been far too many occasions where we have said to ourselves, “I wish this one-piece swimsuit offered more support in the chest,” or “I wish this one-piece covered more of my backside,” or “I wish this one-piece could be supportive in the front andin the back of my swimsuit.” Combined with our desire to resolve the real frustrations many women experience, we designed a line of timeless, elegant swimwear that is well-suited for any occasion. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that every Hermoza design embodies the swimsuits we have always wanted to wear.


Next, we sketched the swimsuits we wanted to bring to life. We were desperate to see retro inspired tankinis, classic black one-pieces, and vintage-style boat neck tops. After we selected the styles, we sketched on frames of women in picture form. Lastly, we brought our sketches to a pattern maker who began to construct the swimsuits out of our sample fabrics. Working with the pattern maker takes a serious amount time and effort.


When selecting our fit models, we wanted to pick a woman who would reflect who we are as a company. We are tired of seeing fit models who are 21 years old, 100 lbs. barely a size zero, with fake breasts or hardly any curves. For that purpose, we sought a fit model who had curves, real breasts, was a veteran in the industry, and most importantly, REAL. 


Hermoza has become near and dear to our hearts and as such, being fully present in this process is always our primary objective. We ensure that every stitch serves a purpose as we meticulously evaluate and re-evaluate its functionality and aesthetic. This can take weeks to get right, but we will never settle for anything that we ourselves would not want to see in a marketplace that should be serving every woman’s interests and needs.


Just to show how much effort we put into making the garment, we sample each suit. On one occasion we ran up and down the stairs and even did jumping jacks. After this, we stood up looked in the mirror and made sure the suit still sat where we wanted it and still supported us in the areas that matter most. Whether you want to wear our swimsuit poolside, while building sand castles with your family, as you boogie board or surf the waves -- our suits are elegant, yet functional. They are designed to elevate, captivate, liberate, and radiate. Hermoza swimwear does it all and is well-suited to the woman who is capable, empowered, and confident enough to choose differently.



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