Eco-friendly and Sun protective Swimsuits… Who Knew?

Eco-friendly and Sun protective Swimsuits… Who Knew?

Eco-friendly and Sun protective Swimsuits… Who Knew?


We pride ourselves on Sustainability.


At Hermoza, mindfulness and responsibility are engrained in our mission to create change and to influence the swim and resort wear market. Our pieces are made through processes that have lowered the environmental impact of each step of their production. Eco-friendly materials have been created by regenerating and transforming wastes into new sustainable raw materials such as eco-polyamide and 100% recycled yarns. When you support Hermoza, you invest in the comfort of knowing your conscious choice sustains our mission to produce conservative swim and resort wear while also safeguarding our environment.


We pride ourselves on Sun Protection.


Whether you are searching for beachwear, competition swimwear, or sportswear, Hermoza has you covered. Our conscious fabrics provide solid defense from harmful UV rays. Our warp-knitted, elastic fabrics maintain their shape and are durable enough to resist contact with oils and lotions necessary for protecting your skin. With coverage that is designed to support and protect, Hermoza swimwear will stay put even during the most intense training sessions and competitions, giving you comfort in movement and performance. Conscious fabrics work as a filter, allowing your suit to breathe and move while offering strong defense against then sun.


We pride ourselves on our Craftsmanship.


Hermoza swim and resort wear is elegant and tasteful. Every product in the line is designed with class and sophistication in mind to enable women the opportunity to be discerning and comfortable in their skin. High-quality materials offer women piece of mind since they know their Hermoza purchase will maintain its shape and will last from season to season, unlike many off-the-rack brands. Our fabrics are luxurious, chic, yet accessible.


We pride ourselves on give you our best!


Beauty is in the details!


Marisa and Tiffany 

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