Diabetes Research Connection – Supporting Scientists to Make Touchdowns in their Field

Diabetes Research Connection – Supporting Scientists to Make Touchdowns in their Field

Diabetes Research Connection – Supporting Scientists to Make Touchdowns in their Field


November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and for Hermoza, awareness is just a start.



With the Diabetes Research Connection, efforts and investments have a throughway, enabling researchers to continue their exploration and investigation into the causes, treatments, and prevention options for those living with Type 1 Diabetes.


For a variety of reasons, research funding for scientists has become exceedingly difficult to secure. Competition and highly selective processes make it even more challenging, causing many researchers to become discouraged about their efforts and the future of their projects.


Here’s where DRC comes in.


The Diabetes Research Connection secures funds from donors for early-career scientists, helping offset start up costs and encouraging sustainable support from other foundations. Where some organizations see risk, DRC sees potential in progressive thinking from scientists just at the start of their promising careers. By helping get their diabetes research projects off the ground, DRC’s support helps maintain vision and focus on research into innovative treatments and therapies that could minimize complications and improve the quality of life for those living with T1D.


Type 1 Diabetes is a life-threatening disease that is not caused by diet or lifestyle. It is a life-changing diagnosis that affects entire families, taking both physical and emotional tolls that perpetuate stress and anxiety around the inevitable and constant imbalance they endure. Blood sugar, carbohydrates, insulin highs and lows are all in constant flux and consideration while those living with T1D seek some semblance of routine despite sleepless nights, close calls, and unavoidable scares.


100% of research funds go directly to supporting efforts in labs as they seek relief for families affected by T1D. To date, DRC has helped successfully fund multiple research projects that investigate the causes of Type 1 Diabetes, that learn more about life-changing diagnoses, that improves approaches to finding a cure, and that offer innovative therapies to combat and limit the overwhelming complications instigated by the disease. With an annual goal of raising $1,000,000 for early-career scientists who are eager to develop legacies of study, DRC is a bold and optimistic nonprofit organization that assumes the initial risk many foundations aren’t willing to make.


Hermoza knows a thing or two about taking risks to make breakthroughs in an industry. While giving isn’t about fashion or trends, serving those in need is always classy. Our Hermozas are strong, driven, and compassionate, so we know their hearts will be the first to support DRC and our other partners in their fight for the treatment and prevention of T1D.



Every dollar counts in this effort to make resources and care available to those living with Type 1 Diabetes, and with Hermoza, your dollar means more. To say thank you, we’re hosting a giveaway. Everyone who participates in this campaign will be entered for a chance to win end zone field seat tickets to the Oakland Raiders/Los Angeles Chargers game on December 22, 2019 and the opportunity to meet Philip Rivers. We’re gifting a total of 6 tickets — one winner per charity will receive 2 tickets.


  • Each ticket includes:
  • Pregame seat access to watch team warm-ups
  • Pregame + *Halftime access to the San Manuel Gold Reception area (by South Tennis Court)
  • All-inclusive premium bar + tailgate menu
  • NFL Sunday ticket on December 22, 2019
  • Complimentary in-seat dining service during game
  • Access to Field Bar (until end of 3rd quarter)
  • Premium parking
  • Private VIP entrance + restrooms
  • Invites to exclusive VIP Premium Member Events
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • VIP Doors open at 9:30 a.m. on game day
  • Stadium Gates open at 10:00 a.m. on game day

Not into the hats or T-shirts? Not a problem! We’re also opening our store for purchase. Use CODE: T1D and we’ll take 25% of your purchase and donate it on your behalf.


Let’s CHANGE THE GAME for children and those with T1D!


Besos, Hermoza

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Hi, Tiffany…I was 64 years old when I was hit with Type 1(2011). No family history, no symptoms. I just got very thirsty all of a sudden and no amount of liquid I would drink would quench it. Obviously I was up all night going to the bathroom. About a month later I went to eat with some friends and came home and just threw up. A couple of days later I was talking some medicine when I fainted and fell in the bathroom. Since I was single I knew I was dying, couldn’t reach my phone and had no idea where my cell was at that moment so I made a pillow from a towel and closed my eyes to die. While I am doing my swan song my friends were going to church and God told Jeanne to go by my house NOW! They found me unconscious so they literally picked me up and took me to the ER where they found my blood sugar was 1,700 and that is not a typo! They started pumping massive amounts of insulin, that was Sunday night. Wednesday my blood sugar was still over 400+. I was in ICU 10 days and the trauma on my body was so severe that when I left I was having issues just walking! I worked with the doctors and obviously I take insulin but I thank God that he spared me for a reason. I am a born again Christian and believe in the power of healing and right now my insulin levels are relatively normal, it is under control though I sure get tired of taking shots!!! I will be praying for you and your family for God to heal your son. By the way, when I left the ER I started a web page for my granddaughters to learn the Word of God and with no advertisement whatsoever the internet got hold of it and I have had over 150,000 views when you add all the views for each lessons. Check it out! grain-of-sand .com there is even a teaching on divine healing…will be praying for you guys and once your names go in my prayer book it is there forever… though so is Tom Brady and the Pats! Will let God figure that one out! thanks for reading this. Have a great and blessed holiday season!

Eduardo Diaz

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