Collection Launch of Hermoza Heritage

Collection Launch of Hermoza Heritage

Hermoza Spring Summer 2021 imbues the romance, beauty and sweetness of life itself into each piece. Tactile textures, sculptural ruffles, bold colors, and floral prints come together in celebratory refinement, in chic femininity. Belted waists, exposed shoulders, structured bodices and understated sophistication are met with structured, form fitting, comfortable fabrics. Airy, flowy linens, vibrant patterns and an easy allure remind us all of joie de vivre – of the simple beauties of life. Southern charm, Latin sophistication, and versatile, approachable glamour remain our cornerstones. Passion, poise and renewal are our focus for this perennial refresh.


Delivery one is the first breath of beauty, of sustained sunshine, of renewal. Dainty, blush flowers, fresh linens, and rich blues remind us of simple luxuries in nature. Of warm breezes, colorful botanicals, clear blue skies.  Ruffles, tactile textures, and easy elegance liberate from confinement and monotony. Sewn in details do the heavy lifting for dressing up to greet the sun. Light and love take center stage in this drop.


Delivery two invites vibrance, passion, warmth and sophistication to intertwine with ease and delight. The rich, soulful ethos of Mexico, Colombia, and the American South are woven into this drop in deep reds, intricate tiles and bold blacks. Levity and femininity remain present in box bleats, spaghetti straps, and drapey fabrics. Clean cut, square necklines, plunging backlines, and structured simplicity invite elevation, polish and poise to the picture.


Delivery three is a return to softness. A wash of dew and gentle light dilutes intensity, leaving us with muted, understated elegance. Ruffles, liquid silks, and accentuating lines present a relaxed approach to glamour. Lavender orchids, hazy teals, soft charcoals and sweet rosewoods are affectionate, coy, demure. Bold floral appliques, gold dipped hardware and draped sashes gently radiate divine femininity.


Delivery four is a gleaming celebration, a romance with life itself. Bright, true hues and clean lines imbue the warmth of sunlight, of whole hearted joy. Classic red, navy and cream interplay with one another and with a blush mauve for soft backdrops to sumptuous structures. Gold hardware, plunging necklines and off the shoulder glamour conjure images of Old Hollywood, while the spirit of Miami dazzles glossy silks and abstract prints. Revelry reigns in this vivid drop.



Delivery five is for an old-fashioned type of beauty – the kind that stands the test of time, that relies on strength and simplicity. Precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes, tiered ruffles and jewel toned statement patterns breathe Art Deco sensibility and glamour into the last drop of this season. Rushing, bows, and opulent silhouettes are played down with black and white purity. Retro chevron and musical imagery bring entertainment, whimsy and exuberance to top of mind. Clarity, glamour, and a dash of spiritedness round out this collection with a wink and a nod to tradition, to beauty, to life itself.



From Spring to Summer, from romance to deep abiding love, the colors, symbols and structures of this collection are a crisp reflection of just that gradient. Amidst the constant dance of life, the simple celebration of femininity, the burst of bliss as sun hits the shoulders, exists a causeway where elegance, poise and comfort can inform approach. Latin sophistication and Southern femininity meet at just that point, and in this drop, meld together in floral, rich, generous doses. Enjoy a relaxed outlook on opulence – a romantic approach to suiting up this Spring and Summer.


Marisa and Tiffany

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