Closet Clean Out

With every intention of heading into 2021 with clear eyes and a clean slate, it’s a good idea to start by paring down our belongings and keeping only what we really love. Cleaning the house and making sure everything we hold on to is beautiful, useful, and well suited to who we are today helps support us living our best, fullest lives, free of clutter and excess. Here are some of our tips for a Sunday errand that’ll pay off big time!
Start with trash bags:
            The best place to start when you’re cleaning house is with a trash bag. Taking inspiration from the Konmari Method (check it out if you haven’t already!), we think a great place to start is with ridding ourselves of pieces that no longer “spark joy”. When you pick up an item, does it make you feel happy and confident? Not sure? Try it on! You deserve to shine from sunrise to sundown, and if you’re putting on clothes that don’t do just that, it might be time to donate them. Of course hang on to those memory t-shirts and cozy sweaters, but don’t let pieces that no longer suit you take up precious real estate in your closet!
Wardrobe Staples:
            There are certain pieces that every Hermoza should have to feel ready for anything life throws her way. You want clothing with colors, cuts and quality that really fit, flatter and feel feminine. You deserve a wardrobe that stands the test of time and trends, and in our opinion, that includes:
  • A little black dress (A la Breakfast at Tiffany’s!)
  • 2-3 polished t-shirts (The cut and color should be both casual and versatile, easily dressed up with a blazer or cardigan.)
  • A white button down (So classic and clean for work or weekends!)
  • 2-3 Pairs of awesome denim (Whether you’re a boyfriend fit, skinny jean, bootcut or culotte kind of girl, jeans are your best friend.)
  • A blazer or dressy coat (Just throw it over your t-shirt and look like a million bucks.)
  • A pair of clean tennis shoes that can dress up or down. (Sporty spice!)
  • A sleek heeled pair of boots (Camel & black are so sophisticated and work year round. Opt for animal print or white to really make a statement.)
  • A sundress in your favorite color (Truly a must-have in a complete wardrobe! Be sure you’re ready for 75° and sunny!)
  • & of course, great swimwear. (Preferably from Hermoza ;) Our Italian fabric and classic silhouettes guarantee to turn heads come summertime. Our suits are a fit for any occasion, & we promise you’ll feel gorgeous and covered in all the right places.)
            Building your wardrobe with timeless pieces takes time, and is a journey with no destination really. The process of finding these staples - the brands, materials, and colors that we return to - is half the fun. Because that sort of quality and timelessness is our mission, in the swim department, we’re confident we’ll make our way into your repertoire for years to come.
Organizing Tips:
Once you’ve pared down your collection to the essentials, creating a clean, attractive, and systematic display in your closet or drawers is honestly the most fun part. We suggest the following methods:
  • Sort by color! If you’re hanging your clothing in the closet, hang all your pieces beside members of their color families. Opening your closet and seeing the rainbow of clothing you’ve got is both aesthetically pleasing and a great way to keep organized and aware of what you have. Also, it’s a fun way to see the colors you lean toward. Maybe you want to branch out from greys and blacks and get more jewel tones or patterns in your rotation. This is a perfect way to see those tendencies spelled out.
  • Baskets Baskets Baskets! Try utilizing cute baskets for the small items that are otherwise thrown in a drawer. Ikea, Homegoods and The Container Store all have a huge selection of great looking, inexpensive baskets that will both organize your socks, underwear, belts, and shoes, and make your closet look like your own personal boutique. Fill them up & place them on a shelf or in a row on the floor, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation.
  • Ditch mismatched hangers! The easiest way to make your closet look and feel polished is to create uniformity. If you have all the same hangers (our favorite are these!), you’re giving your closet a simple facelift.
  • Roll instead of fold! Also a tip from Konmari, we love the method of the roll folding in your drawers. Rather than folding your soft goods flat, by rolling them into a tidy bun, you’re creating space in your drawers and organizing them in an incredibly beautiful way. Catch this tutorial for an easy how-to.
Do you have any how-to’s or tips you rely on when you clean out your closets? We’d love to hear how you keep your wardrobe tidy, beautiful, and perfectly suited to your life, Hermoza! No matter what, you deserve to feel amazing each day, and really loving the clothes in your closet is a great place to support just that. 

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