Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Take a look in your closet and drawers because your swimsuit fabric is trying to tell you something. Is it piling or snagged? Is it the right size (no judgment, just facts)? Does it protect your beautiful skin? Is it the right piece for your intended activities? Women’s chlorine resistant swimsuits are more than just durable and reliable – they’re proof that joy can still exist. Do you remember when all you focused on was keeping your sun-kissed skin safe and perfecting the beachy waves in your hair? Let’s get back to that.

Chlorine resistant swimsuits are a must-have for the end of this season because they'll elevate your expectations for the year to come. You’ve already had to rethink your fitness regimens, so if working out your tension in the water has been your M.O. for the past five months, you’ve seen what that has done to your swimsuit material. Inexpensive chlorine resistant swimsuits are the single-serving equivalent of the fashion industry. You get what you pay for with swimsuits that are chlorine resistant at a discount, and in fact, you’re going to be paying twice.

Your priorities have shifted, Hermoza. Clearly. And while we all got over our inability to have that Summer 2020 vacay, some other things haven’t changed. We still need dependability, consistency, and durability in our lives. We need to feel safe and secure. We need to be able to trust and have faith. Regardless of what’s going on around us, I feel this much will remain certain – we need to rally.


Chlorine resistant bathing suits bring you peace of mind that is an added bonus to selecting elegant swimwear. Can we all openly admit that making decisions has become the most difficult part of adulting in 2020? The last thing you should have to do is replace your wardrobe before the season is even over because you chose pieces to strike a statement in your socials instead of finding chlorine resistant swimwear that kept you feeling fabulous IRL.

One of our best women’s chlorine resistant swimsuits is our consciously constructed Adriana one-piece color-blocked swimsuit. Are your essential wardrobe pieces high-waisted yoga pants and a cropped short sleeve sweater? Do you find yourself living for your coverup that doubles as your housecoat? Then the Adriana is perfect for you, Hermoza. Radiant in black with aqua accents, this corset-inspired heirloom-quality swimsuit is exactly what you’ve needed to renew your faith in the power of fashion. With a strapless silhouette courtesy of built-in shapewear that serves up exquisite contouring and sculpt, the Adriana is more than swimwear – it’s a swimming bodysuit perfect for playing in the pool or paired with pants for brunch. It’s chlorine resistant swimwear with bust support that doubles as a chic one-piece to wear under a maxi skirt because, why not?


Relying on our backyard pools to reimagine life as we knew it comes with concerns of its own. Do we invest in “right now” or what’s truly right for us? Buying off-the-rack might seem like a quick fix, but a long-term investment might be the uplift we need right now.

Speaking of a pick-me-up, one of our best anti-chlorine swimsuits is our brand new and exclusive Amber one-piece swimsuit. Fresh, fun, and just a little bit funky, this color-blocked cutie takes your sporty sense and turns it chic. With a sleek, surfer-inspired style, the Amber is chlorine resistant swimwear that keeps you covered while smoothing and flattering your natural frame. Whether you find yourself taking a Zoom meeting at the club so you can dash right back out to your cabana or if you are devouring your latest book of the month while poolside, the Amber’s luxurious blue, aqua, and black shades show up for you in the best swimwear for chlorine pools. Just because your pool guy has been working overtime this season doesn’t mean your swimsuit has to look it. Fully lined and hand washable, the Sculpt Collection delivers another chlorine resistant bathing suit that is sustainably sourced because slow fashion is a trend we are totally here for.


While getting back out there might not be the first item on your to-do list, for some, the ability to be out and about is essential. Taking to the great outdoors has done a body well since forever because of its ability to help us reset and refresh our mindsets and get our endorphins flowing. For others, a daily dose of Vitamin D in the backyard is all it takes. I’ve taken to growing things – herbs I can use in the kitchen, succulents, ferns (pray for them). What all these approaches have in common is that there is a desire to release the need to control and to just take it all in in gratitude.

And speaking of being grateful, I have to thank the fashion heavens for helping me deliver the one-piece I had always envisioned, the Marisa. And let me tell you, she’s more than a name, Hermozas. This stunning one-piece swimsuit is the perfect solution for inexpensive chlorine resistant swimsuits. Where else can you find a universally flattering swimsuit in extended sizes through 18 that fit true to size and let you move? A modern take on a classic square neckline, the Marisa serves up some serious coverage that’ll keep you carefree from afternoon to evening and all over again. Best news yet: as the next level in women’s chlorine resistant swimsuits, the Marisa sets your mind at ease when it comes to being ready for anything. Beach ready? Check. Blind date? Check. Backyard BBQ at your Nana’s? Check. Because no one ever wants to admit they’re not dressed for _______ (fill in the blank). And since anti-chlorine swimsuits are strong enough to withstand intense, repeated chemical and sun damage, they certainly can tolerate a quick spill from the mimosa station during brunch. Bring it on. We got you.

It doesn’t matter if you like the lake more than the neighborhood pool, Hermoza’s modest swimwear prioritizes your comfort and confidence. And if you are lucky enough to have open access to a space of your own or can safely share space with others, a routine that involves a pool can offer a pleasant perspective. Moved to a new town that averages triple-digit heat? No worries if you can take a quick dip in the pool. Rest and refresh knowing that constant chemical and sun exposure isn’t going to phase the fabric of your chlorine resistant swimwear.

You deserve a swimsuit that can keep up with you. But if you are stressed about whether you picked one of this season’s best chlorine resistant swimsuits, are you really living? Fade-resistant swimwear represents our ability to put ourselves back out there in the time of crisis. It’s the silver lining we’ve been looking for when time’s are hard. When you invest in fashion that speaks for itself, you have less work to do and more time for fun in the sun.


Besos, Hermoza

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