Celebrating Our Hermozas

Celebrating Our Hermozas

For the women who set the standards and uplifted our families all these years, here’s to you! Read on for our continued vision of some very special Hermozas – mothers!


To Those Who Raised Us

We know raising us has had to have been an adventure to say the least! They’ve led, guided, and protected us as we grew into women and we hope we’ve made them proud. As our mothers, they’ve shown us the joys of being female. They’ve taught us how to be both proud and humble, kind and firm, strong and gentle. They’ve helped us cultivate voices that speak, sing, and shout with delight, praise, and wonder.

They’ve walked with us as we struggled through some of life’s most challenging moments. They’ve held our hands as we’ve learned to be fearless. They’ve helped us pick ourselves back up after fighting for what we believe is right.



We couldn’t have done any of this without them.


To the Hermozas Who’ve Supported Us

We are fortunate to be surrounded by women whom we might call family, or friends, or both – because who can really tell the difference when your support network is as strong as ours? These women are our go-tos for sharing secrets, for begging advice, for telling us the truth – especially when we needed to hear it the most. Our aunties, our mom’s friends, our sisters, she is every woman who has stood by us, helping us see the best in ourselves.

When you are lucky enough to have a band of beautiful ladies backing you in all the things, you realize and are inspired by their depth and tenacity. Their spirits revive yours and it is clear you are the best version of yourself in all things when they are near. They give you hope and renew your faith in all that is good in the world.


They affirm us.


To Our Vision of Ourselves

Giving yourself a bit of grace and love for all you do is definitely the order of the day. Getting used to the “new normal” and guiding everyone else through the process has been a challenge for most. But, we see you, Hermoza. Keep that chin above your shoulders and breathe. Your heart and your mind blesses everyone around you when you are present. There is phenomenal beauty in this world and your special magic is the very essence of all of it.

And when you celebrate you this weekend, realize that your worth is not defined by leading a picture-perfect lifestyle. Your priority is proper self-care and self-love that is informed by your focus and your faith. Your family honors you for your spirit.


You are exactly enough.


Chic Gifts for the Hermozas in Our Lives

We celebrate you, Hermozas, for giving us a chance to be a part of your lives! Thank you for trusting in our vision of dignified and chic swim and resort wear. Treat yourself, your mom, your auntie, your sister, and your friend to vintage-inspired, heirloom-quality pieces. Especially if you are only going as far as the backyard this weekend, there’s no better way to celebrate than to fit yourself for a fabulous and feminine one-piece. Soaking up the sunshine on a Sunday sounds like absolute perfection to us.

Our line of swim and resort wear is perfect for any taste and style. We have her covered if she’s into prints and patterns. We know just the thing for women who are all about a bold color. Does she love to keep things simple and classic? Then she’s our type of Hermoza.



If she’s a Natural Beauty, try our Gayle. Feminine, classy, and practical, just like its namesake, this one-piece is magnificent. Meticulously constructed with the most flattering ruching details on the front, this suit is perfectly sculpted to enhance your figure.



If she has an Impeccable Sense of Style, get her the Cecilia. Fearless and faithful, just like the Hermoza it’s named for, this suit will take your summertime (or anytime) wardrobe to the next level. A perfect and delightful little maillot, the Cecilia has all the best features. Adjustable straps, full-coverage, an adjustable back bow that is both flattering and playful, you could LIVE in this piece.



If she’s Bold and Influential, the Genevieve is her best bet! Flawless and feminine like the Hermoza for which it is named, this gorgeous one-piece is elegant, accessible, and comfortable. We get why it’s one of O! Magazine’s favorite things – because seriously, who wouldn’t want to relax and refresh in a captivating fully-lined halter with a fun adjustable tie at the waist?



If she’s a Practical Hermoza, get her the Katherine. Perfect for those hardworking, balanced women who know exactly what they want, this excellent, short-sleeved piece is designed for the active woman. Both functional and fashionable, this one-piece swimsuit is ideal for competitive lifestyles or for Hermozas need a bit more coverage. Consciously constructed with UPF 50+ protection and from our Movement Collection, she’ll show up in comfort and will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays.


Take a closer look at the women whose shoulders we stand on. Visit our stories on Instagram and our feed on Facebook to meet some special Hermozas in our own lives.


Besos, Hermoza

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