Celebrating Indulgence With Some Hometown Help

Celebrating Indulgence With Some Hometown Help

Celebrating Indulgence With Some Hometown Help

Hermozas, my trip home and discovering the haven that is Wine & Roses was completely divine. I spent a day on the property over a week ago and I still feel aligned, refreshed, and relaxed. I am so thankful I gave myself the gift of time and space to set new intentions and clarify old expectations.


I lavished in the amenities at The Spa, discovered new treatments in the wellness industry, and indulged in not one, but TWO meals at two separate locations on the property. Indulgent doesn’t even cover it when attempting to describe how fantastic my day was there.


So often, I get caught in the rut of making meals that are easiest to prep or pick up. I always forget to meal plan or get too busy enjoying my weekend to really make space for prepping for the week. Seeing the unassuming, yet elevated offerings at The Towne House Restaurant and the Towne Corner Café reminds me how sustainable, simple, and possible a farm-to-fork lifestyle can be.

The Central Valley is home to the bounty of agriculture that feeds the rest of the nation, so it makes no sense why I cannot rely more on eating fresh, nutritive meals that fuel my drive and passion. I find myself constantly on the go and I need meals that can keep up with me. Wine & Roses’ menus do not disappoint.
Right before my delightful Ultimate Treatment at The Spa, I enjoyed several offerings at The Lounge at the Towne House Restaurant. With a choice of lush indoor seating near the bar or tables outdoors in classically clean teak furniture, I felt like soaking up some more California warmth by sitting outside.

The wine list was extensive and accessible with a few familiar delights and several local wineries on the menu. I immediately selected a refreshing albarino that hit the spot after a rosé while sunbathing next to the pool. I ordered artisanal cheese and house-made charcuterie plates along with burrata and toast. Nothing could have prepared me for the gorgeous spread that was about to be ushered out of the kitchen.


The cheese platter came with olives, preserves, spiced walnuts, and crostini. The charcuterie platter came with pickled veggies, whole grain mustard, olives, and crostini. Side-by-side, they were an absolute work of art. Elevating my expectations of simple lounge food, Wine & Roses exceeds my hopes for a late lunch and early dinner. At the Towne House, you aren’t penalized with mediocre food for arriving outside of standard meal times. Every dish is an experience that makes the artistry of the plate and bowl a center attraction for your table.


I can’t even with the burrata and toast. Seriously. This dish had me closing my eyes and sinking back in my chair several times just to revel in the taste of all the elements expertly paired together. Served with Calabrian chili, pistachio and hazelnut relish, and baby kale, the burrata is the loveliest scoop of mozzarella and cream I have ever had the pleasure of eating. This fresh, delicate, sensational little dish served with vine fresh tomatoes, fruit, and basil formed the perfect squad with my other orders and glass of wine. I almost forgot about my spa appointment because I was nearly in a culinary coma after picking repeatedly from each of the plates.


I rushed to my massage treatment then returned to the Towne Corner Café for a late lunch. The menu is blanketed with a dozen or so small batch crafted plates and takeaway trays that are perfect for a charming lunch with a girlfriend, a darling brunch with your sweetie, or a special treat on your break from work. TBH, I was still completely full from the food at The Lounge, but I wanted to see what takeaway delights the property had available with every intention to pack it up for an early dinner. When the food came to my table, however, I couldn’t help digging right in.
Walking into the fresh and airy space provided another seamless transition from the surrounding environs of the property. Leaving all the crisp, flowing water features in the courtyard of The Spa, I was additionally renewed by the natural light and chic design of this extraordinary little lunch spot.


Continuing my day of indulgence, I ordered the BBQ steak sandwich, the griddled triple cheese panini, the Greek spinach salad, and a peanut butter chocolate mousse. Again, I had every intention of packing it all up and sharing it at home, but…you know. The trays were set down and the forks came out on their own free will. Really. The salad was refreshing, sweet, and crisp – a sensational starter as perfect as the morning I had just enjoyed. The steak sandwich was hearty, yet light and satisfying. It was soft, sweet, savory, and a distinctive take on classic comfort food.


The griddled triple cheese panini was the best I ever had. Period. It was served with a chilled tomato bisque that just took the entire sandwich to the next level. I had to physically and emotionally stop myself from eating anymore, or else end up dying from complete decadence. The panini had the most perfectly satisfying cheese pull I had ever seen. I am devastated not to have caught its beauty on camera.
To follow was simple, exceptional elegance. The peanut butter chocolate mousse was the most exquisite dessert I had ever experienced. Captured in a gorgeous cup designed with both milk and white chocolate, the mousse was filled between layers of a divine crust and bananas that created a beautiful balance of flavors that perfectly paired with a light whipped cream, raspberries, and strawberries. THIS has become the dessert against I will measure all other desserts. Forever.


My time at Wine & Roses was ideal, to say the least. The property enables guests to have an all-inclusive and all-consuming experience that transfers serenity and comfort across the grounds from the pool, to the spa, to the lounge, to lunch and dinner, without interruption or restriction (I ate lunch in my Cecilia one-piece and long sarong cover up on the Spa Director’s suggestion). This tropical oasis (complete with the most endearing parrots ever) is a lovely hidden gem I never expected find near my own hometown. My only regret is that it took me so long to experience it for myself.

So what do you think, hermoza? How often do you find yourself present enough to enjoy simple, elevated artistry at your table? Show us how you find balance and harmony for your palette. Use #thehermoza #wellsuited to join the conversation to find your next indulgence.

Besos, Hermoza

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