Celebrating Femininity

Celebrating Femininity

Celebrating Femininity - Enabling women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.


With the inception of Hermoza, we knew we had a big idea. Excitedly, in an “ah-ha moment,” we realized the huge gap in the market. Despite all obstacles, we knew we NEEDED to launch this brand and line. The swimwear market is saturated with thousands of swimwear brands, many specializing in bikini styles, which can be discouraging for women who want more distinctive options. If you are the one-piece swimsuit lover or the high-waisted bottom enthusiast, Hermoza has you covered.


With the development of Hermoza, we wanted to build a strong foundation. One of the pillars of our brand is Celebrating Femininity. To us, this means embracing womanhood and the beauty that comes along with it. There is power and elegance in being feminine. Our silhouettes enable a woman to embrace who she is.

Our woman is radiant
She’s an innovator.
She’s vibrant.
She’s daring.
She’s just the right amount of BOLD.


The name of the Hermoza line is derived from the Spanish word hermosa, meaning “beautiful.” The brand merges Tiffany’s Southern roots with Marisa’s classic Latin culture, resulting in unique pieces that are distinctive with feminine charm and class. The collection offers suits and accessories with vibrant colors, bold designs, and chic sophistication. To us, these prints embody femininity. The classic styles and modern prints evoke a refinement that has been long-desired and missing from the swimwear market.


We would love to hear from you, Hermoza. What makes you feel feminine? How do you celebrate your power and elegance?


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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