Hermoza’s Carrie and Marisa Swimsuits Featured in The Everygirl's Guide to Family-Friendly Swimwear

At Hermoza, we understand that finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge, especially when you want something that’s stylish yet appropriate for family gatherings. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that our Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit and Belted Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit have been featured in The Everygirl's article, Non-Cheeky Swimsuits You Won’t Second-Guess Wearing Around Your Family.

Why Hermoza’s Swimsuits Are Perfect for Family Occasions

In their roundup, The Everygirl highlights swimsuits that balance style and coverage, ideal for occasions where a more modest look is preferred. Here’s what they had to say:

"The default swimsuit silhouette sits somewhere around ‘incredibly cheeky’ right now, which is all fun and fine for most occasions. But summer comes with many booked-and-busy weekends, and if you’re going to be wearing your swimsuit around a certain subset of people—your grandma, or God forbid, your significant other’s family—you might be searching for a bathing suit to have on-hand that leaves your cheeks a little more… contained. You don’t have to wear a swim skirt or don a cover-up all day to find a swimsuit you’re comfortable enough to be in front of your father-in-law in. These full-coverage swimsuits are still ultra-flattering, but provide a bit more material in just the right places to ensure you’re comfortable all day long—no matter who you’re seeing."

Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit: The Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit combines timeless elegance with full-coverage design, featuring a chic silhouette that flatters while keeping you comfortable. Its sophisticated look makes it perfect for family beach days or poolside gatherings where you want to feel stylish without worrying about too much exposure.

Belted Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit: The Belted Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit offers a modern twist with its belted waist, providing a tailored fit that enhances your shape while offering more coverage. This swimsuit strikes the perfect balance between fashionable and family-friendly, ensuring you look great and feel confident.

Stylish, Comfortable, and Modest

Both the Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit and Belted Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit are designed with high-quality materials that provide comfort and durability. The full-coverage styles ensure you can move freely and enjoy your time in the water without any discomfort or constant adjustments.

Explore Hermoza’s Family-Friendly Swimwear

Finding a swimsuit that offers both style and modesty doesn't mean compromising on elegance or comfort. Hermoza’s collection, including the featured Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit and Belted Marisa One-Piece Swimsuit, provides the perfect blend of full coverage and flattering design, making them ideal for any occasion where you want to feel both confident and appropriately dressed.

Thank you to The Everygirl for recognizing Hermoza in this thoughtful and practical swimwear roundup! We're committed to creating beautiful and versatile swimsuits that meet all your needs.

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