Bright Colored Swimsuits

Bright Colored Swimsuits

A perfectly curated Summer wardrobe can give you life and Hermoza aims to meet your expectations! We couldn’t be happier that our brand new Santa Marta Collection is chock full of bright-colored swimsuits, accessories, and resort wear for women in fabulous florals, perfect prints, and carefree colors. So, if you are lounging poolside, we got you! If you are showing up for a video chat with your book club, you’re in the right place! Need an OOTD for your next socially distanced BBQ, we’re on it!

Here are our faves of your faves, those best-selling beauties you’ve been shopping out, reimagined with an optimistic 2020 in mind (‘cause we could all use it, tbh). Bright colored bathing suits might just be everything you need to muster up the motivation and consciousness to get back out there safely, so here’s our picks to help you celebrate in feminine, flattering, and fashionable pieces.


Color is Captivating

Nothing holds the world’s attention better than a happy Hermoza. And while clothes can’t be solely responsible for your joy, it can help you express it. Your elegance, epitomized in a signature color this season, can be everything you need to redefine your Summer 2020 style. Because, let’s be real, yellow is magic from any physical distance.

For those of us who might need a softer introduction to this bold shade, our Marisa one-piece swimsuit in pear is heaven-sent. A muted, chic hue that is essential from season to season, practical, functional pear works easily for Fall or as a youthful Summer alternative to a classic, primary color. Gentler, but no less daring, pear (or chartreuse) is a delightfully sweet combination of green and yellow. Perfect for Hermozas with Spring or Autumn coloring, pear can go cool or neutral and still look radiant.

Whether it’s yellow, lemon, chartreuse, or canary, unforgettably iconic colors like this are perfect for the adventuress Hermoza who loves taking risks while maintaining accessibility. She’s your bestie who has the best ideas for fun weekends away and always knows the best hot spots to dine out safely. Pear subtly skirts the edge as a shade in neon-colored swimsuit categories and looks flawless when paired with global prints. It spotlights gorgeous fresh, natural faces and figures in any texture or textile.

An optimistic, deeper, and more grounded hue, pear taps into the baked, earthy tones that are eternally upbeat and substantial enough to show up for you in the heirloom-quality swimsuit you deserve year-round. Pear is a confident color with a broader appeal to our Hermozas, replacing standard, flat tones that do you few (if any) favors.  

Can’t get enough mellow yellow? Try another of our sunshine-inspired swimsuits:

  • Gaby one-piece swimsuit w/cap sleeves
  • Leonor one-piece swimsuit in pear w/customizable straps
  • Johanna one-piece swimsuit w/asymmetrical neckline + single-shoulder embellishment
  • Cecilia one-piece swimsuit in a classic maillot w/adorable tie at mid-back


New Waves with Nauticals

I always think of Santorini when I see shades of blue. From the cultural strength present in the Greek flag to the crystal-clear Aegean to the signature domes of the coastal architecture – it’s idyllic, to say the least. Blues are just soothing, cool, and crisp – everything I need to be and feel in the blazing heat of Summer 2020. Seas, lakes, creeks, oceans – I am all for it this year. Maybe it’s the draw and pull of the safety of the great outdoors where physical distancing is even easier, or maybe it’s the fluid, welcoming adaptability of it that just puts most people at ease; I gravitate to time near any body of water.

Blue shades are free-spirited, bold, and bright and are perfect in both solids and prints. With a spectrum of tones that work in florals or in contrasting color blocks, blues offer fresh shades that feature well in balanced wardrobes centered around graceful, elegant pieces. The staying power of blue is due to its glamorous place in palettes. Appealing and ethereal, dark and light, blues are for the alluring Hermoza who likes to keep things casually cool but maintains a sense of self that is cleverly unexpected.

Whether its cerulean, navy, royal, or cadet, blue evokes enchanting emotions of time and space away, giving it that refreshing and transformative feel from the minute it hits your skin. Well-suited for everything, these shades serve up life for the Hermoza looking to lend the look of luxury to her closet.

Our brand new Genevieve one-piece swimsuit in Cloud is soft, sweet, and absolutely classic. One of our top best-sellers and one of O! Magazine’s favorite things, the Genevieve is a daydream of complete coverage and chic style. Constructed as a feminine and flattering high-neck swimsuit, the Genevieve is universally suitable and is available in extended sizes. Perfect as an alternative to bright colored swimsuits, Cloud offers a striking statement for women who are ready to face anything but don’t need a wild pattern to speak for them.

Ready for more of that blue sky coming at you? Check out these other body shaping bathing suits in our other bold hues:

  • Barbara one-piece swimsuit in cloud and color-blocked blue/green
  • Elizabeth one-piece swimsuit in sea blue + high-waisted black bottoms
  • Nancy one-piece swimsuit in midnight navy illusion
  • Cris(tina) one-piece swimsuit in midnight navy illusion
  • Johanna one-piece swimsuit w/asymmetrical neckline + single-shoulder embellishment
  • Leigh Anne one-piece swimsuit in turquoise
  • Rosanna one-piece swimsuit in turquoise
  • Leonor one-piece swimsuit in cerulean w/customizable straps
  • Victoria one-piece swimsuit w/contouring in the highest level of shapewear


Flashback Fridays Forever

While I like a throwback as much as the next Hermoza, the neon bathing suits trend is seriously not my fave. The 80s and 90s fashion scenes were fun and all, but nothing on those runways inspires me to bring it all back with neon color bathing suits. All of our faith in timeless elegance is proven with our vintage-inspired prints and patterns.

And while the industry is youthful + fashion-led, individuality and diversity must be celebrated. Because who likes another unjustifiable faux pas? So what if everyone is wearing fanny packs and scrunchies again. That doesn’t mean you have to look like you walked off the set of the latest Saved by the Bell reunion. I love Tiffani Amber Thiessen too, but even she isn’t repping bright neon swimsuits on her IG. Be tasteful, classy, and chic, Hermoza; that never goes out of style.

Bright coloured swimsuits can still hang on to the polished refinement you’ve grown accustomed to in your wardrobe without seeming stuffy or silly. The perfect Summer 2020 scenario is present with our new Santa Marta Collection that brings you fun, graphic patterns that are up-trending and vintage-inspired. When we say we brought you bright-colored swimsuits, you’d don’t automatically have to reach for your sunnies to take it all in.

Exclusively designed with shades and hues that are super on-trend (but not tacky), our prints and patterns bring you retro-look, handcrafted realness with updated interpretations of the climate and culture near to our hearts. With the La Rumba and La Marea Feliz, softer tones tap into our sense of nostalgia. You’ll get to see playful takes on the significance of tradition, family, the arts, and home in these, our nods to Colombia.

The best bright colored swimsuits and resort wear for women are available in our exclusive Las Palmas graphic floral print. Ideal for the Hermoza who is game for anything or who wants to take current trends to the next level without the appearance of trying too hard, Las Palmas is every tropical vibe you could care to pack with you to anywhere.

Go gaga for graphic florals, geometric gorgeousness, and glamorous global prints? Check out these other showstoppers:

  • Genevieve one-piece swimsuit in geo guatape
  • Cecilia one-piece swimsuit in gingham
  • Leonor one-piece strapless swimsuit in Las Islas
  • Cristina one-piece swimsuit in Hollywood Hills geometric stripes
  • Joy one-piece swimsuit in Ava’s Garden graphic floral
  • Johanna one-piece swimsuit in Bardot Stripe


Feeling Ab Fab in Fruit-Inspired Shades

For the Hermoza who feels most comfortable all in black, a new day is dawning! We know that time is precious and fleeting and every minute we get to live our best lives deserves to be celebrated. Gone are the days of “that’s not my color” or limiting yourself to monochromatics. Your special style can easily be elevated with a few signature colors meant to stand out.

Tangerine is one of the best shades of the season. It’s a perky, vivid, and joyful display that calls the right kind of attention to what you’re wearing. I never considered orange to be “my thing”, but tangerine is in a class of its own. Not your basic, classic shade, tangerine is as dynamic as it is warm and inviting. There’s nothing muted about this color though. Bright colored swimsuits in this shade are sure to rake in all the compliments and requests for recs since it is the farthest thing from off-the-rack you’ll ever find.

Green papaya is so fresh, so cool, and such a game-changer. Seriously, forest and neon have had their days in the sun. This shade is the perfect blend of crisp, even tones, and vibrant, ethereal veracity. It updates the tired, basic arboreal hues for a stronger, clearer presence. Ideal in UV swimwear, green papaya is soft and light, but completely opaque for full-coverage and protection. Universally stunning, bright-colored swimsuits in this shade will have the entire shore green with envy at how you’ve shown up.

Gotta have more? Here are some of our graceful, gleaming greens and tasteful, head-turning tangerines:

  • Our Katie one-piece swimsuit with contrasting aquamarine ruffles or in solid green papaya
  • Our Sofia one-piece swimsuit w/a pop of pink
  • Our Genevieve one-piece swimsuit in green papaya

Setting priorities for cultivating positive energy is more important than ever when the year insists on being as it’s been. And while color transfers to some serious queen energy, it’s all about perspective too. Manage what you consume. Move more. Get outside. Read and grow your skills. Being a Hermoza of significance starts with celebrating you. And if there is anything we can do to help, we’re always here for you.


Besos, Hermoza

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