Breaking Down the Best Swimsuits for Apple Body Shape

Breaking Down the Best Swimsuits for Apple Body Shape

Let’s be real here, Hermozas – the apple shaped body is divine, and it always has been. Some might have thought they could hide or shame her gorgeous frame behind beauty standards and stereotypes, be she isn’t going anywhere.


Hermoza’s commitment to celebrating femininity and the core inspiration of the line itself started with the belief in the strength and capacity of women to find grace and truth in the skin they are in. Nothing can convince us that this belief is only appropriate for women of a certain size.



Our excitement is abundant for extended sizes coming this Fall! Hermozas worldwide have been showered with compliments for their choice in our line, but it was often followed up with, “Oh, I would love a suit like that. If only they had my size” (inevitably followed by crying or sad-faced emojis).


Many of us are challenged with a midsection that isn’t what she used to be. Especially post-partum, many women describe their waistline as having a mind and life of its own. We feel you, Hermozas! We want to help you enhance what the good Lord gave you and we want you to feel the value of timeless sophistication. It all happens when you are #wellsuited.


An apple body shape is thicker all around, though not necessarily curvy. Like the triangle shape, she will have shoulders that are slightly larger than her hips and a waistline that is not necessarily defined. An apple shaped Hermoza looks best highlighting her bust, arms, and legs but should never have to force a silhouette that brings her discomfort.



To us, women with an apple shape are classically gorgeous. Theirs are the figures that were celebrated by the greatest artists the world has ever known. Their shapes were the inspiration for beauty standards that motivated the world to think and live differently. So, for Hermoza, we are happy to use next-generation, high tech fabrics to design and construct swim and resort wear differently. Once you try us for yourself, you’ll experience the joy our Hermozas have felt in swimwear that flatters, smooths and supports to show off your shape, not your skin.


And so, without further ado, here are our top faves for our apple-shaped stunners:

  1. The Genevieve is perfect for women who have busts that measure similarly to their stomachs. It has a gorgeous graphic print that encourages the eye to fully appreciate all your Rubenesque realness. The fun and flirty halter and side tie belt will enhance shoulders and hips that might be fairly narrow, encouraging you to walk, live, and play in comfort. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out @carnationsandlaceon IG to see one of our Hermozas serving up some serious vacation vibes in her Genevieve one-piece.
  2. The Adriana is our pick for women with apple body shapes who are ready to make a bold statement. Offering a structured style that enhances your frame, this one-piece knockout is sure to stand out. Complete with a delicate, corset-style bodice that is sexy without being provocative, the Adriana is everything you need to take your full frame from brunch to the beach to the boudoir. Polished swimwear never looked so glamourous. An again, don’t take our word for it. Take a peek at @jamiengroseon IG who took her Adriana to the carnival with some high-waisted denim then to the beachwith some serious and spectacular flare.
  3. Two piece swimsuits are our favorite recommendations for women with an apple body shape because of the ease of choice in our wide selection of tops and high-waisted bottoms. Perfect for the girl on-the-go who loves making the world her own, these vintage-inspired beauties will help you elevate your expectations. Our Caroline separates are ideal for an apple body shape because you can mix and match prints and solid colors that highlight your feminine frame instead of hiding beneath one-pieces that might not be flattering or functional. Our Hermoza @littonavenue on IG puts the “awe” in “awesome” with graphic print bottoms that serve up a phenomenal sculpt to her already striking shape.


When selecting swimwear for your body type, trust your instincts. Enhance your best features by choosing chic fashion over trends that might not flatter your figure. Your swimsuit should never restrict you and should always help you live your best life with confidence. Be fearless and have fun with your wardrobe this season. Stop hiding and show up, Hermoza. The world needs you.


Besos, Hermoza

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