Bodysuit Sizing (and styling) Demystified

Bodysuit Sizing (and styling) Demystified

Bodysuit Sizing (and styling) Demystified


While it seems like common sense, finding the most fashionable fit in a bodysuit is not just a simple walk in the park. There is so much you must consider, but Hermoza is here as that ride or die BFF who’ll give it to you straight.


Our bodysuit-swimsuit combos have been meticulously crafted with 60+ hours and 3 levels of support built into every piece. So, depending on your needs and expectations, we’ve got you covered. And why spend forever looking for loads of layers to coverup your foundation. We’re convinced you’ll love our suits so much, you won’t be able to resist wearing them sans coat or sweater.


To make sure your bodysuit is flattering, feminine, and ever so chic, think through all the possibilities (because that’s all we can see when you are out and about):


  1. Keep it close to center. Your bodysuit is the statement piece around which everything should revolve. Select a suit that does you all the favors and is everything but basic. No need for boring t-shirt onesies or shapeless camisoles. Consider branching out to a sleek corset-inspired one-piece like our Adriana. Just because you are placing things over your bodysuit doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your game at every level. If selected well, your bodysuit can fit as closely as the skin you are in with optimum comfort that complements your already radiant confidence. Consider our one-pieces from the Shape Collection for a smoothing effect from shapewear that enhances a polished natural figure without restriction.
  2. Bottoms up. While your bodysuit is your game-changer, what you are wearing on your lower torso is just as important. You won’t want to worry about pesky hemlines showing through the fabric of your pants and skirts, so select forgiving fabric that allows you to move and breathe without a second thought. Maxi and wrap skirts are absolute dreams over a bodysuit as are boyfriend jeans or a dramatic pair of tailored trousers. Shoes will make or break the outfit, so style with harmony in mind; if you overdo it by overdressing, you’re missing the entire point of pieces like a bodysuit. A one-piece is here to simplify your effortless elegance, not complicate it. Sometimes, less is more. Consider what you want to highlight, then work your way around, not through each piece.
  3. Take it all in. Measuring yourself properly is an absolute must for any Hermoza. Save your time and your tears and do it right the first time. Measure your bust, waist, hips, and torso to ensure your suit is exactly what you are looking for.





























We have also made note under the product descriptions of our suggestions concerning the fit of specific suits. You might want to size up if a suit is compressive or offering the highest level of support (like those in our Sculpt Collection). You might want to size down if a suit is lightweight or is designed to allow for breathability (like those in the first tier fabric from our Movement Collection).


Finally, trust (and treat) yourself. Your swimsuit is way too chic to put away for the winter, so why not reimagine her living her brand new best life ever. Your wardrobe needs to keep up with you, so let’s just say it needs to be what serves you best. You chose to make an heirloom-quality investment with Hermoza, so the fit of your one-piece should already be on point. Awesome news with our constructions is that you can entirely skip the awkward and irritating clasps and bikini cut discomfort most bodysuits seem to be constructed with nowadays. Opt for luxurious styles and designs that are meant to be lived in (just watch, it’ll happen). 


We are loving that the bodysuit is making a comeback, but you’ll want to make sure it’s right for you. Pair your one-piece with pieces that elevate and enhance without detracting any of the effortless elegance that brought you to us in the first place.


Let us see those water fall layers! Tag us on social media with #hermozawoman and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza

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