Legs for DAYS!

Legs for DAYS!

Legs for DAYS!


With Hermoza’s upcoming shift toward updated designs and construction, one of our fave adjustments is a wider range of options for your lower torso. When you are shopping for your shape, the best-case scenario is that you find what best suits you and Hermoza’s here to help!


After learning more about our Hermozas and their stories – who they are, where they are going, and what they envision for their best lives, we understood that we needed to continue revamping our approaches to dignified fit and function.


Our brand and line prides itself on never asking you to make sacrifices, never making you feel limited or restricted, and always helping you glow up from the toe up. With that comes the ever-willing focus to refine and reshape our perspective on what you need and what we can offer.




Get It Girl


Coming in November, Hermoza swimwear will be available in both moderate and higher cuts. Because you spoke up, we listened! Many of you mentioned you loved our styles but would like more flattering lines that extended through the lower torso. So…to shine the spotlight on those stems, we raised the hemline while still keeping it classy.


With a conscious, liberating approach to our refined construction, we are certain you will see and love the changes we’ve made. Because it was important to our Hermozas, we gave you a higher cut with the elongation you were looking for, making you look taller, and serving up the appearance of a slimmer thigh.


We’ve raised the cut on the leg of our swimwear but haven’t forced you to take any serious or uncomfortable risks. Hermoza will always offer dignified coverage, but we are happy to accentuate the luxury of your lower limbs. A higher cut on the leg is perfect for any body type, so no worries if you are uncertain about what the good Lord gave you. We got you.



If You Know, You Know


Think of the bold silhouette you’ll create paired perfectly with a dazzling smile and the confidence you’ve built to match that boss/queen status you’ve cultivated. The refined designs are going to serve up the best compliments you’ve ever received. A higher cut on the leg enhances the natural beauty and harmony of your waistline and hips, giving you that polished, curvy effect you can thrive in.


Compared to our regular cut, the new designs usher in a greater impact. As if our exclusive prints weren’t enough, the new swimwear from Hermoza is accessible, flattering, and still very practical. We’ve kept the adjustments simple, but captivating. And while we are loving the new direction of the line, we are most excited to see and hear how much you love the new look and feel.



It’s a Power Move


Your radiant confidence is seriously your best accessory. People gravitate towards a brilliant smile and a head held high. All that’s easier to do when your wardrobe is well-suited to your shape. When you spoke up, it meant the world to us. Hermoza aims to be that BFF that takes a hint and gets it right the next time, so thank you for being open with us.


We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without our Hermozas. After speaking personally with each of you after your returns, we gathered the data we needed to move forward with the assurance that you’ll love what we’ve crafted. And if not, we’ll do it again until we get it right. After all, our aim has always been to be the solution for the challenges you face so you can get back to loving life as usual.


So, we can’t wait! When you get your new suit, make sure to tag us in to tell us what you think! #hermozawoman #wellsuited


Besos, Hermoza

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