Best Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Q & A with Our Friend Katy


The vision guiding and directing the Hermoza line of swim and resort wear has always been timeless elegance made accessible. Women should never have to compromise fashion for fit, or vice versa. When our friend Katy had a chance to have a close up preview of a few of our suits, she quickly realized she no longer had to make sacrifices or concessions when it came to swimwear. In fact, it became clear that her expectations were elevated!


Here’s what she had to say via email:


Oh. My. Gosh. Hermoza! Where have you been all my life? These suits are game-changers! Because of my shape and size, I have had to be so picky, or worse, not picky at all! The fabrics are luxurious. I mean, LUX-UR-IOUS. Always buying “off the rack,” it never occurred to me that a swimsuit could feel so decadent.


The Cecilia’s fabric is STUNNING! It feels like a second skin and is not oppressive or intrusive. The fit on my waist and the back are SO flattering. The tie at the mid-back provides support and is THE BEST coverage for one of my problem areas. It has a beautiful, comfortable cut along the bikini line and offers THE BEST coverage EVER on my rear end. I could easily wear this suit under a maxi skirt or as a body suit under a jean jacket. [The Cecelia is part of the Movement Collection]


The Cristina is GORGEOUS! I love the freedom in the back. The straps along the shoulder blades offer such a lovely fit and feel. It forms to my body snugly, yet comfortably. This suit will travel with me everywhere! I don’t have to worry if my swimsuit is too revealing or too matronly. To be honest, until trying on this suit, I had given up on finding a flattering one piece since I am curvy. Thanks, Hermoza for returning my faith to swimwear! [The Cristina is part of the Shape Collection.]


I will be LIVING in the Sarah all summer! The support is fantastic, and I love how the red line detailing accentuates my hourglass shape. The straps are thin, but very comfortable (so relieved not to have to sport the wide, full-coverage strap for a change). The back is high without being too dowdy. Again, this suit revives my interest in wearing a one-piece because it is so comfortable, accessible, and sexy (yet tasteful). I could easily spend entire days in this suit! [The Sarah is part of the Sculpt Collection.]


These suits gave me a confidence and comfort I haven’t felt FOR YEARS. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can finally wear a suit that helps me honor and appreciate my “mom bod!” Thank you SO MUCH for creating this line!


For those of you reading, Katy is a size 12/14, weighs 177 lbs and is 5’6”. In a swimsuit, Katy looks for a piece that smooths and sculpts.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany 

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