Black & White – Our Favorite Dynamic Duo

Black & White – Our Favorite Dynamic Duo

Black & White – Our Favorite Dynamic Duo

While many of our suits are available in bold colors and vibrant prints, we find ourselves gravitating towards traditional black and white. There is something so classic about a black swimsuit and something so delicate and feminine about an all-white option.


There’s a reason why black sells out first when consumers have choices. A color historically reserved for nobility, black is elegant and sophisticated and while it is a serious color, you can be innovative with it. Black is attractive, smart, and appealing. It pairs well with everything and works with all skin tones and body types. It is timeless and always on trend. A woman in black is irresistible and desirable. She is sleek and dignified. Her status is elevated. She is chic and so are her standards.


For us, white has always been a close second. It is youthful and expensive. It is the color of honor and celebration. It is clean and always fashionable. While common, it is alluring because it is neat and smooth. It embodies a sense of harmony and coordination when well-styled. White offers a natural showcase for a woman’s features and figure and frames her beauty with a sense of refinement.


Regardless of the time of day or the occasion, black and white always photograph well and are memorable. Every woman wishes to be timelessly elegant and polished. In black or white, women always have options. They are never underdressed and always command attention when entering a room.


One of our favorite swimsuits (available for pre-order now in traditional black or white) is the Joyce, a distinctive part of our Sculpt Collection.  Subtle and timeless, the Joyce evokes an accessible sophistication without sacrificing comfort. Sculpted to support and enhance, this well-crafted vintage-style suit is unforgettable. Its compressive fit and complete chest and bottom coverage offer you a chance to swim or lounge in confidence while maintaining an elevated sense of sophistication. The Joyce’s exquisite lining is soft yet functional which will set your heart at ease about wearing such a delicate color out in the sun and surf.


Every chance we get to wear this suit, we imagine it is the exact piece an A-list celebrity would have worn at the height of 1950s and 1960s fashion. Its clean lines and ruching are so polished and refined, we have no doubt this would have been the swimsuit to be seen in, just as it will be today. The Joyce pairs well with any cover up, but our absolute favorite combination is the Betty shirt dress (available to pre-order, also in black and white). It is perfect for an afternoon barbecue by the pool or as a part of a stylish evening ensemble. It is chic and accessible and such a complement to any vacation wardrobe. Its delicate ruffled sleeves make every moment feel completely luxurious.


Many of our suits are available in a variety of colors and prints, but we’ve reserved a few styles to specifically highlight the never basic, always polished style of chic black and pristine white. Our collections of swim and resort wear offer so many opportunities for maintaining an effortless elegance, you’ll be jumping at the chance to see these beauties with our other cover ups and our wide selection of hats, glasses, jewelry, and sandals.


So, what is it for you, Hermoza? Do you prefer a classic black or white suit? How about a bold color such as navy or red? Are you always vibrant in a distinctive print? What colors and prints would you like to see next from Hermoza swim and resort wear? Tell us your favorites in the comments section below.


Besos, Marisa and Tiffany

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