Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black

There’s a reason why the classics stay classic. When your wardrobe revolves around the same four pieces that just tie things all together, chances are those pieces have stood you the test of time and are everything you need to always look sophisticated and polished.


So, if it’s not broken, why fix it? Black is, and always will be the shade of refinement and style. Suitable for all skin tones, for every event, for any time of day, for every body type, black just works. Always.


The last thing we are going to do at Hermoza, with the weather getting colder, and with the layers piling on heavier is to change anything that doesn’t need adjustment. Black is elegant. It worked for Audrey and Jackie, so it works for us too!


Every woman loves a closet that is effortlessly elegant. Who wants to struggle with style that is forced? Not us. Black is a standby for many reasons, mainly because it is a gorgeous canvas that can showcase a statement necklace or elevate and support natural figures without causing a scene. Understated and forever tasteful, black raises the bar without raising any eyebrows.


Black is easy to care for and can always be worn with everything. Never under- or over-dressed, black will have you standing out without sticking out, enabling that gorgeous confidence to shine without restriction or limitation.


And this season, with our most recent launch ushering in your new faves, we are ecstatic to share with you 15 new styles that absolutely hit the mark. Take a look at a few of our newest pieces that’ll have you back in black in a snap.



  • Our Bridget in black is a stellar piece that is just begging for space in your closet. Complete in its heirloom-quality construction and design, this suit is everything you need to invest in and treat yourself. Distinctive with its radiant cap sleeves and scoop back silhouette, the Bridget is dazzling in its shape and style. Perfect as a bodysuit, it’s exactly what you need for that date night out or lunch with your parents. Available from our Sculpt Collection, the Bridget contours and defines with structured support that is strong and significant. 



  • The Genevieve became one of our first choices before Oprah loved it in O! Magazine for its chic coverage and complimentary contouring. One of your favorite styles on the site, the Genevieve was sold out in several sizes and prints because of its versatility for most shapes. With an adjustable high-neck halter and a cinch side sash at the waist, this piece has us even more obsessed now that it is available in black AND in extended sizes through 18!



  • Get ready for a revival! Our Monica raises the bar for those of us who gravitate to simple sophistication. Another exclusive from Hermoza, this swimsuit-bodysuit combo has us loving and living our best lives in black. With contrasting horizontal and vertical textured patterns, the Monica serves up a stunning silhouette. And with adjustable lace-up crisscross straps, you’ll be channeling playful and exquisite in the same breath. Available from our Movement Collection for complete, luxurious, light support.


Black has been the tried and true go-to for decades, and for good reason. It is the standard without being boring, modest without being mopey, and graceful without being gratuitous. Black can be both fun and feminine while offering up balance and boldness.


While we are absolute fans of vibrant prints and hues, sometimes you gotta keep it classic with black. Comfort and confidence is effortlessly fearless when a Hermoza lets her style speak for itself. No need for exaggeration; black is distinctive and transformative all on its own.


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Besos, Hermoza

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