Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge


I have to admit — at first, I couldn’t even with this title. Hermoza has never been that lifestyle brand that aims to enable or encourage women to hide anything. Least of all, Hermoza has never been involved in any shame tactics where women felt uncomfortable unless they avoided any part of their bodies. However, I think we need to voice one of the greatest concerns many women have while also addressing the other factors that have contributed to detrimental thinking that suggests we every hide any part of ourselves from the public.


To be clear: shame, fear, and guilt have no place at Hermoza. Our women are bold, honest, and capable. Their lives inspire us daily and that is the vision and space we will always hold for them. We acknowledge their bravery and voice in doing what they do. Period.


With that being said, there’s a seemingly unavoidable situation where even the strongest among us feels the need to conceal parts of her body because it is not what she thinks it should be. The size, shape, and appearance of our bodies seems to be so important to everyone else. How do we reconcile this with how we feel in our own skin?


We’re aren’t going to stand here telling you there is a magical swimsuit in our line that will distort your body into something that it is not, just for the sake of appearances and social acceptance; that has never been our mission and it never will be.


What we will offer you is a list of options that help you celebrate, not hide areas because you deserve to be protected from harmful UV and UA rays. Instead of suggesting the best swimsuits to hide your stomach, we will show you several pieces that enhance a classic, chic, and elegant silhouette. And rather than guiding you toward a purchase so you can feel comfortable with a swimsuit that covers your belly, we would like you to see yourself as we see you — a woman who is complete and valuable in herself, who has an unmatched and inherent beauty, who is much more than a single space on her frame.


Best Swimsuits for those Vintage Vibes


Why buy bathing suits just to cover the belly when you can have sophisticated swimwear that also offers luxurious shapewear?!



  • Our Emily color-blocked one-piece swimsuit in strawberry fuchsia (also available in black) is ideal for Hermozas who are looking for a throwback that’s remained classic. The adjustable halter serves up clean lines to form a polished and refined silhouette while the ruching and our strongest level of support give you the structure you need to keep your head held high. Designed specifically as a reference to the impeccable taste and style of the 50s and 60s, the Emily is everything you need to showcase those red carpet dreams of yours.
  • Our brand new and exclusive Marilyn one-piece swimsuit in Ava’s Garden has that groovy mood that we are all here for. Also available in navy blue and as a maternity two-piece, this swimsuit is perfect with its graphic floral print that is as vibrant as it is distinctive. Complete with an adjustable halter, gorgeous ruching across the waistline, and a high back that serves up both coverage and a divine silhouette, the Marilyn is everything you need to step out in a fresh take on classic style.





Best Swimwear to Take on Vacation


We don’t sell bikinis. We’ve meticulously crafted heirloom quality swim and resort wear that is dignified, unique, and fashionable. Hermoza is more than a trend — it’s a perspective. We believe that real beauty isn’t about feeling the pressure to bare it all. Beauty for us can be found in a flattering, feminine fit that is functional. And we’ve got you covered! Who is going to focus only on swimsuits that cover the stomach when you can have so much more?!



  • Nothing says “poolside privileges,” “deck side drinks,” and “dreamy destinations” better than our Ahbra one-piece swimsuit in black. This piece is perfectly constructed with cascading layers over a lovely camisole-style top. Don’t feel like having a tan line? No problem! Ditch the straps altogether for a safe and secure strapless style option. Available from our Shape Collection, the Ahbra delivers a smoothing effect on your natural figure for all the support without restriction. Its dependable shelf bra offers a light, flattering lift to ensure your focus is more on enjoying your much needed vacay in well-fitting swimwear and less on having to keep everything all tucked in.
  • The Nicole Tankini gives you another halter option for a fully customizable experience. Well-suited for any body type and every occasion, this separate pairs well with the matching Nicole skirt or with any of our full coverage bottoms. Loose at the waist, the Nicole enables you to move and indulge freely in complete comfort. No need to hide and cover your figure in this piece as it doubles effortlessly as an ideal top over a pair of slacks, jeans, or shorts. And, packing is a breeze when the Nicole and the entire Spring/Summer 2020 line features multi-functional swimwear that seamlessly transitions to street wear.



Best One-Pieces for Your Curves


Are you really only looking for a one-piece swimsuit to hide your tummy?! Hermoza, there is a world more to style than just the appearance of being thin!




  • Our Genevieve one-piece swimsuit in black, white, navy blue, fuchsia or our exclusive Morning Star graphic floral print is ideal for your fabulous frame. While the fun, adjustable belt at the waist enhances for a smoother silhouette, it doesn’t function to hide anything. In fact, as a full-coverage one-piece, it contours and protects your gorgeous figure. A high-neck adjustable halter showcases your beautiful shoulders and the regular cut on the leg gives off feminine flair that is tasteful and comfortable. With this style available fully-lined in imported Italian fabric from our Movement Collection, you can be sure it will feel like a second skin without revealing everything or hiding anything.


Finding your confidence is about more than just finding the best swimsuit to hide your belly. It can be developed through leading a life of meaning and purpose, in being of service to others, and in creating a joy within that radiates and improves the world around you. Goodness knows, we could all use it. Show us how you’re living in Hermoza with #hermozawoman #hermozaswim and #wellsuited.


Besos, Hermoza

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