Best Spas In the U.S.A.

Best Spas In the U.S.A.

Best Spas In the U.S.A.

We believe that true beauty, the kind that shines through your eyes and that people remember you by, comes from within. When you feel amazing - calm, refreshed, and cared for - you can’t help but look amazing as well. It’s really that simple.

But, inevitably we lose touch with that state every so often. When life gets busy and stress feels abundant, it’s essential to seek and indulge in some TLC. Sometimes, that may very well just mean a big glass of water, a long shower and a nap will do the trick. But oh my gosh, is there anything quite like checking into a spa, tucking your obligations away, and truly just blissing out?

With a little research, it seems like in every corner of the U.S.A there are incredibly beautiful, deeply restorative get-aways, and we wanted to highlight just a few of them. Many are open and safely operating at the moment, and Hermoza, if you can swing it, we say go for it. You deserve the world.


When in Miami, visit Tierra Santa Healing House


Just looking at the interiors of the Faena Hotel’s spa, Tierra Santa Healing House, feels like a refresh to the spirit, a glimpse into paradise. Vibrant hues, Juan Gatti artwork, floral poufs and a ubiquitous breath of South American excellence set the scene for one of the country’s top rated, ridiculously luxurious getaways. Customized facial treatments, an otherworldly Turkish-style hammam, full wet spa rituals (wet scrubs, saunas, ice plunges, waterfall showers, herbal steam rooms), and a bespoke menu of South American and South Asian inspired healing modalities make this spa a top notch retreat for total restoration. With French brand Biologuique Recherche and a selection of clean, non-toxic Naturopathica products used, spa-goers can expect a legendary, healthy post-facial glow and incredibly soft skin. Spend an hour or an afternoon here and expect to leave feeling like a new woman.


When in Austin, visit Lake Austin Spa Resort


A day at Lake Austin Spa Resort is the stuff of dreams. At this all inclusive, extensively menued retreat just thirty minutes outside of downtown Austin, one can expect to indulge in anything from gentle but pointed fitness activities (water yoga, paddle boarding, hikes), to nourishing, organic meals, to over 100 services from their diverse spa menu. Whether you’ve journeyed solo or with a group, there are packages for any type of spa getaway you could dream up. Lounge along the river, or soak in a heated pool for a uniquely serene, Southern inspired comfortable reprieve.


When in Tucson, Arizona, visit Canyon Ranch

Simply put, Canyon Ranch is the long reigning ultimate destination spa in the U.S.A. It exists more as an all encompassing total retreat than a day spa, though their top of the line massage/body work, skincare and salon are indulgently incredible and available for appointments. With a staff of leading experts, from aestheticians to fitness to psychology, visitors can plan an intention based multiple day trip that will jumpstart any life reset necessary with incomparable support. A favorite of celebrities and executives at large, Canyon Ranch is a staple in the realm of wellness getaways.


When in Malibu, California, visit The Ranch

A close contender to Canyon Ranch is another leading winner in nearly all Spa getaway roundups, The Ranch in Malibu, California. With immersive programs that promote meticulously crafted, wholistic detoxes, health transformations, and guided plans for returning back to the everyday, people leave The Ranch with a fresh look on health and life itself. Morning hikes, afternoon fitness classes, deep tissue massages and healthy, plant-based cuisine are the building blocks of an immersive, healing week that will truly change the game for you, and imbue tools for everyday life that will guide and inform your choices at large. It’s a commitment, but it’s one that you will not regret.


When in New York City visit Shibui Spa

Hidden within The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca exists a dimly lit, incredibly grounding, authentically Japanese spa where you can escape and expect to leave with both peak relaxation and the softest skin of your life. Pad around the soft oasis in an authentic Yukata robe, from your aromatherapy bath soak to your deep tissue massage treatment, shielded from the stresses and stimulations of NYC and life at large. Whether you’re there for yoga, facials, or massage/body work, there is something on the menu that will pinpoint your refresh needs and transport you to paradise.


These are just a few of the seemingly limitless supply of spa retreats available around the U.S.A. When you invest in major “you-time”, it’s good for everyone in your life. When you’re feeling incredible and treating yourself, you can share the calm with those you love, and show up in the world in a truly beautiful way. And what luck, we live in a time and place where that sort of “you-time” can be extraordinarily luxe.


Treat yourself, Hermoza! You’re beyond worth it.

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