Best Family Beaches in Massachussetts

Best Family Beaches in Massachussetts

Best Family Beaches in Massachussetts

When you think of Massachusetts, Red Sox mega fans, Harvard and Good Will Hunting might be the first things that come to mind. Maybe you’re privy to the forever chic holiday spots of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, but outside of those destinations, it might not be immediately obvious that at large, there is a bevvy of stunning family beaches in Massachusetts. Whether North Shore beaches MA, South Shore beaches MA, or the handfuls in between, they’re just waiting for a visit.


Massachusetts on it’s over 200 miles of coastline is home to a wide variety of landscapes that make for truly spectacular destinations. The craggy granite boulders on the North Shore are a beautiful opposite from the sandy, soft dunes that roll through Cape Cod. Lively tide pools, incredible, fresh sea food, towering historic lighthouses, and really decent surf are but a few of the selling points of summering in Massachusetts. We wanted to compile a list in no particular order of just a few Massachusetts beaches you should consider wandering off to, that are safe and amazing places with your little ones in tow. Here are some of the best family beaches in Massachusetts:



Head of the Meadow, Truro

Head of the Meadow is one of the quieter beaches in Truro, a village at the tip of the cape full of history, rolling dunes, and beautiful views. Head of the Meadow is one of the less densely visited beaches, meaning parking can be readily found, and 40 miles of serene beach are wide open for all your family’s lounging and strolling needs. You’ll feel safe knowing life guards post up here, avail to answer any questions about the old shipwrecks you may get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of off shore. Slather up in sunblock and gear yourself and your littles up in some good old fashioned swimsuits on this stretch of splendid beach. The novelty of shipwrecks alone make this one of the best family beaches in Massachusetts.



Location: Off Rt. 6 in Truro, Massachusetts


Cisco Beach, Nantucket

Cisco beach is a long favorite of Nantucket regulars, and is widely considered one of the best beaches in Massachusetts for good reason - it is central, beautiful, and simply full of things to do. The consistent rolling of waves here make for prime surfing conditions, with soft sand and sandbars that cradle the zone in a perfect frame for catching waves. Not the surfing type? Join the legion of stand up paddle boarders and general waders who enjoy the beautiful water just as much. This is one of the best family beaches in Massachusetts to give surfing a shot with lessons from Nantucket Surf School, or simply stroll and indulge in the bevvy of food trucks, restaurants and bars just waiting to be visited.

Soak up the sun in your stylish modest swimwear, or cozy with your fam to watch the occasional fog bank roll in and out of this part of Nantucket, cloaking the untouched coastline’s sea grass and sweet smelling rosa rugosa in a puff of summer time magic. Enjoy eats from Bartlett Farm, a perfect spot to stock up on beach picnic ingredients. Their menu is full and often features local ingredients from the field. Plenty of hotels and restaurants across a breadth of price ranges make this a perfect landing spot for any kind of Nantucket visitor, or those new to beaches in Massachusetts at large.


Location: End of Hummock Pond Road, Nantucket, Massachusetts


Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor

Named after it’s eyeglass-esque silhouette, Spectacle Island is a perfect day trip to the shore if you’re visiting Boston Proper. Just offshore from the city, a brisk 20 minute ferry will shuttle you to one of the few sandy beaches of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Boaters, hikers and sight seers at large will enjoy the panoramic views of Bean Town - and for those families wanting a day to fully beach it up, lifeguards stay posted through the summer months for peace of mind. Suit up in one of our hourglass swimsuits on an eyeglass shaped island for a truly Bostonian day at the beach.


Location: Ferry leaves from Boston's Long Wharf


Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester

This half-mile-long beach is well loved among the kid friendly beaches in Massachusetts for a handful of reasons. The nature is calm and plentiful along the shore of the Annisquam River, full of low tide sandbars, climbing rocks, lighthouse views, and tide pools that simply buzz with sea life.

Two to four hours ashore the soft white sand and crystal clear water are topped off perfectly with a visit to any of the charming restaurants, antique shops, or neighborhood strolls avail on this gorgeous holiday town. Bring your pets on even numbered days, but be sure to park early - this favorite spot fills up quickly in the high season. Lifeguards, calm waters, and clear skies make a visit to “Winga” an absolutely perfect landing for family vacations.



Location: Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts


Singing Beach, Manchester by the Sea

About an hour outside of Boston, families can enjoy the wonders of the North Shore’s “Singing Beach”, a place where when conditions are right, sand grains rub against each other creating a distinct squeaky “song” with each step.

This large stretch, about a half mile long, is located in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a charming New England town filled with beautiful 1920’s architecture, incredible ice cream shops and boutiques, and stunning cliffs for views so gorgeous you’ll forget you’re so close to the city. A designated swimming area with lifeguards, public restrooms with changing tables, and parking (albeit limited!) make Singing Beach a favorite among families looking for a magical day by the water at one of the more interesting Massachusetts ocean beaches.


Address: 119 Beach Street Manchester, Massachusetts

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