Best Bathing Suits for Large Bust

Best Bathing Suits for Large Bust

For our gorgeous Hermozas with curves, and more specifically for those in pursuit of bathing suits for bigger busts,  it can sometimes be hard to find one that ticks all the necessary boxes - Chic? Ideally! Flattering? Certainly! Supportive? Please!! When you’re searching for swimsuits for large busts, sometimes it feels like finding a beautifully modest swimsuit is impossible. The crossover between support and style seems to be far and few between - you’re either stuck with flimsy straps that don’t keep you covered, or ultra modest swimsuits that are borderline athletic. Even still, cute underwire swimwear for big busts might have the look you want, but are uncomfortable, feeling a touch too structured and restrictive. 


The best bathing suits for large busts are, first and foremost, whichever ones you like best - you should wear whatever makes you feel as gorgeous and carefree as you are and deserve to feel. But, if you’re needing extra support up top to be sure you’re secure and covered in all the right places, and you don’t want to sacrifice feeling glamorous, feminine, and elegant, we have some of the most tried and true, best bathing suits for large busts. We’re sure you’ll love them. 



When you’re buying one piece bathing suits for big busts, it’s essential that your shoulder straps are thick and flexible. While adjustable thin straps or spaghetti straps may look cute, if they are too thin they may not properly distribute support in a comfortable and seamless way. Luckily, stylish swimwear with thick straps are our specialty. The Marisa One-piece Swimsuit in Black is just that sort of saving grace. It has a classic square neckline and wide straps that truly balance the perfect amounts of style and support. Better still, wear the Marisa under our separates or your favorite pair of jeans for a classy, breezy street to shore look - one that also just so happens to be one of the better bathing suits for large busts. 




Our best selling, Oprah approved Genevieve is an absolute favorite among wearers of all body types. Designed with just the right amount of coverage and contouring, it unwittingly has become one of our best bathing suits for large busts. It has a high neck, halter top that gracefully draws the eye and cinches at the waist with a side sweeping knot tie. With consistent reviews such as  "probably the most comfortable suit I have owned", and "I finally feel good in a bathing suit", we’re so confident that the Genevieve (in any of it’s vibrant, classic colorways) will have you feeling covered, supported, and comfortable, while still looking and feeling absolutely iconic.  





The Angela One-piece in Ivory will make you, simply put, a vision in white. It also just happens to be one of the best bathing suits for large breasts. Allow the creamy fabric, keyhole back and gold details to subtly highlight and emphasize your natural glow. Sporty, sophisticated and cinched in the middle by a gold dipped buckle and belt, this piece is a timeless classic that will have you feeling entirely elegant, and entirely relieved that you have at last found the prototype for bathing suits for full busts. 


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