Are One-Piece Swimsuits Flattering?

Are One-Piece Swimsuits Flattering?

First and foremost, yes! Before we go any further, we want all Hermoza readers to know that one-piece swimsuits are not only flattering, but also alluring. We truly believe you can feel more confident and iconic in a one-piece swimsuit over a two-piece bikini.

The most flattering part of a one-piece swimsuit is the shape it can give you, while still providing a little bit of mystery. Nowadays, swimwear can be designed to fit with your body type, and at Hermoza, we have a variety of collections you can shop from.

Strapless swimsuits, like the Liz one-piece swimsuit, look fantastic on our hourglass women. Wearing a strapless suit gives women the option to show off a little décolletage while still feeling supported and covered in a one-piece. A few other options that can provide this kind of support and give the same effect are the Carrie one-piece swimsuit and the Anita one-piece swimsuit all with detachable straps to give you even more flexibility in your swimsuit.

For our longer torso women, the Genevieve one-piece swimsuit is ideal to accentuate your perfect figure. The halter will give a long torso the coverage needed without having a suit tug and pull in all the wrong places. The Genevieve’s sash provides just a tad more tummy coverage so you can look and feel your best without worrying if the suit is wearing you rather than you are wearing the suit! There’s a reason this suit is Oprah’s favorite and it’s because of how forgiving of a style the Genevieve is! To add a bit more flair to your halter suit, the Marcela one-piece swimsuit is also perfect for a longer torso. It has dainty ruffles that drape your shoulders and low back, while fully lined, the silky fabric hugs your frame for ample classic coverage


If you have a more athletic build, the Carmen one-piece swimsuit is your best friend. A one-piece has the ability to make you feel amazing no matter what whereas a two-piece may not offer as much support or coverage to help you feel your best. The high neck coverage protects sensitive skin from sun rays and offers plenty of bust support. Adding on to this list, the Elizabeth one-piece swimsuit also provides the same bust support and chest coverage brought by a high neck swimsuit while offering a stylish tie at the waist.

For women, looking at swimsuits designed for slimming, the perfect suits are the Lupe one-piece swimsuit and the Marilyn one-piece swimsuit. The Lupe’s powernet fabric mesh in the stomach area and a built-in wire zero budge bra screams support to the woman wearing it. The Marilyn’s side and front waist contouring creates a slimming illusion and can be a woman’s favorite detail while providing her the confidence she needs to strut the boardwalk.

We know women can feel so amazing in one-piece swimsuits because we have happy customers of all shapes and sizes telling us how great they feel!

BEST COMFORTABLE, SUPPORTIVE SUIT FOR LARGER BUST. This suit was my first purchased from Hermoza. I was so impressed by it that I have purchased several more. The slendering fabric is so comfortable without pinching or a hideous design. The belt is a chic addition to this suit like wearing a little black dress on the beach. My bra size is a 32HH and I never feel like I’m hanging out or sagging. Definitely an instant 10 lbs. reduction with complete bottom coverage without the dreaded sag or constant tugging.”
- Camm M. purchased the Belted Marisa One-Piece
VERY PRETTY SWIMSUIT. This swimsuit is very flattering. I don't like showing my midriff because of some scars, but I have found it really difficult to find one piece suits that aren't frumpy. The ones that aren't seem to have weird cutouts. This suit is the perfect balance. It has a sexy retro look and is well made.”
- Jess purchased the Marilyn One-Piece

Feeling beautiful and sexy in swim doesn’t mean you have to strut along the beach in that teeny, tiny, triangle bikini. Leaving more the imagination is what we love the most! We find it most beautiful when women show just the right amount of skin while leaving something to be missed. The one-piece swimsuit is iconic. It’s a staple every woman needs in her closet.

Moral of the story, one-piece swimsuits are very flattering. They hug the body in all the right places, and not to mention versatile! Wear your one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit – you’ll be surprised at how amazing you feel!


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