Are Bodysuits Comfortable?

Are Bodysuits Comfortable?

Are Bodysuits Comfortable?


The comfortability of a bodysuit depends on multiple factors. Read on to learn about what to consider and how to find the best suit for you!


Let’s be real, Hermozas – no one is here for another fleeting trend that has us struggling to make it work. Who’s got time for that? Not us. But the best thing about this hot surge towards bodysuits is that they have women everywhere invested in fresh looks that serve up the most stunning silhouettes.


Hermoza swimsuits are designed to double as bodysuits. We are all about reimagining your styling options, so the swimsuit-bodysuit combo is a win-win for us and for you! You aren’t one thing and neither should anything be in your wardrobe. Consider our swimsuit/bodysuit more as a “playsuit” – that perfect piece in your closet that is sophisticated, yet down for anything, just like you!


Here are our top three things to consider about wearing a bodysuit:


First, consider the fabric that is most appropriate for your skin type. If you are sensitive to textures, stay away from cottons. Quick-dry fabrics serve you way better than basic fabrics that look cute, but leave you feeling worn out by dinnertime. Our Shape Collection, the middle tier of our fabrics, has shapewear constructed right into our suits. Comfortable, compressive fabric gives you the most luxurious smoothing effect without being restrictive. Curating a closet full of flattering pieces is even easier when you no longer worry about what shapewear to pair with each ensemble. Don’t you just love a one-and-done? On top of it all, the classic fits in our Shape Collection make for ideal layers under almost every OOTD. Perfect for casual styling with boyfriend jeans and tennies or with a maxi skirt and heels, our suits will have you serving up playful or sophisticated looks (or both) every time you leave the house.


  • Our Marisa one-piece is well-suited for all things. Every Hermoza loves a statement, and this suit delivers. Perfect under a vintage denim jacket or ideal as a complement to your favorite fitted blazer, the Marisa’s a dynamic, year-round staple for any wardrobe. Available in black and white stripes, red, all black, and all white.



Next, think of the fit. While we are all about a fashion forward Hermoza, don’t sacrifice comfort to have a moment. Your bodysuit needs to be the right size for your shape. Take your measurements appropriately to ensure you select the right suit for you. No one wants to be repositioning nagging seams all night because they keep digging into your hips. Thankfully, Hermoza swimwear is now mindfully designed to last through beach to brunch to drinks with the BFFs. With an expanded collection, extended sizing, and a brand new, yet classic fit that has hemlines resting above the hips, your Hermoza bodysuit is always accessible and always polished. Imagine, a bodysuit giving you everything you need for an effortless moment that is the stuff dreams are made of. Yes, thank you!


  • The Johanna is available from our Shape Collection in both basil and black and we couldn’t be happier. Serving up a bold look with a single strap, the Johanna is playful, unique, and elegant – everything you could ask for as you move from day to night with stylish grace.



Finally, what’s your function? What expectations do you have for your bodysuit? While the bodysuit streamlines and cancels issues like fabric bulging and bunching, it is also exactly what you need for complete, comfortable, classic coverage. Your days and nights can get a whole lot more spontaneous when you no longer stress over your being able to move in your chic get up. Our suits are free of any irritating, awkward clasps and they are constructed to meet the needs of women with short, average, or longer torsos. Many of our suits also come with adjustable straps so you can custom fit your look, giving you the support you’ve been searching for. A bodysuit is a complete no-brainer for any situation, any time of day or night because there is never a moment where you wouldn’t want that sleek look that proves you have it all together.


  • We can’t even with one of our personal faves, the Cecilia one-piece. Serving up a smooth, sleek silhouette that is just divine, this one-piece has it all. Available in classic black, this suit will certainly become your next LBS.



You don’t have to ask permission to be beautiful and you most certainly should take risks. Especially when it comes to bodysuits, your comfort is what you make it. Your confidence is your most flattering feature, so go for it, Hermoza! We’ve got you covered.


Besos, Hermoza

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