A Quick Guide: Types of Swimsuit Tops

A Quick Guide: Types of Swimsuit Tops

Swimwear has never been a OSFA type of experience, so here is our quick guide to clarify what to look for in a swimsuit top that will enhance and flatter your fabulous figure.


The most challenging style to wear, the triangle seems to be perfect for Hermozas who have a slenderer frame or who don’t mind baring a bit more on the beach. Available with strings or clasps to support at the neck and shoulders, this top provides limited coverage. While this style is versatile and makes for an easy compliment to most bottoms, its need for precise positioning makes movement and activity a bit of an issue. Look for a triangle if your solo goal is to get sun-kissed over the summer.


The scoop style tends to offer more coverage and support than the simple triangle and is more of an athletic vibe, making it a great swimsuit for athletic body types. Also super versatile in its ability to pair well with others, the scoop is a classic take on a basic swimsuit top. Not necessarily known for being fashion forward, the scoop is more about unassuming statements that are functional. Pick a scoop if you are a bit bustier or if your beachside activities are more mobile.


One of the chicest styles in the guide, the bandeau is suitable for extending your commitment to resort-style living. Perfect for Hermozas with smaller proportions, the bandeau is stylish and captivating. Without straps or ties, this style offers the most for women looking to even out their tan. Easily customizable with your current wardrobe, the bandeau can be ideal for some on vacation, but presents little in the form of support for our curvier girls.



Our #1 pick for best ever fit for our Hermozas, the tankini is ideal for your year-round wardrobe. Available in strapless, thin strapped, wide strapped, boat-necked, and sleeved options, the tankini has proven time and again to be your BFF for the beach to brunch transition. Luxurious and comfortable, this style has us in love with the unlimited options for styling beyond poolside. With coverage that is equal parts protective and perfect for enhancing a sleek silhouette, the tankinis in Hermoza’s collections are distinctive and ideal for our boho princess, our boss babe, our mom on-the-go, or our jet set femme.



Even if you aren’t that into separates, Hermoza has you covered with a wide selection of one-piece swimsuits that are functional and flattering for every figure.


Let us help you choose the best fit for your shape. Hermoza’s three signature collections are handcrafted to provide you with dignified coverage that supports you in living your best life. Even if you’ve never considered wearing a one piece or struggle with wearing a two piece, take a look at the options we’ve designed especially for you.



We know you are ready for alternatives. We know you are ready to rethink the role your swimwear has in your life. With heirloom-quality fabrics and exclusive styles, Hermoza has changed the way we think, feel, breathe, and move in swimwear. Let us show you how.


Besos, Hermoza

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