A Colombian Christmas

A Colombian Christmas

The holidays are a great time to make traditions that last for years and generations to come. Holiday traditions stem from culture, religion, intimate family activities and are a way to get closer to your loved ones. Family is a huge piece to what Hermoza is and today we would like to share with you one of our co-founders traditions. 


Marisa, is ½ Colombian and a family tradition of hers is to make Colombian dishes on Christmas Eve as they await for the coming of baby Jesus - el Niño Jesus. 


Here are a few staple recipes from her family to yours. We hope you enjoy! 


Like many Latin countries, Colombia has their very own way to make empanadas. In Colombia, these are filled with a beef or potato filling, but if you do not like those fillings, there are other options. They can be a stuffed pastry, and in some countries, you even put chocolate in them to make into a yummy dessert. They are easy to understand how to make and just require you to fold dough around the stuffing of your choosing and then bake or fry them. 




Buñuelos are another essential Colombian recipe that seem simple to make but beware that they could explode in the hot oil, please be careful when preparing. Buñuelos are made with only a few ingredients, and once you have mastered the art of making them, they are going to be an essential part of your Colombian dishes. Buñuelos are like a deep-fried cheesy bread. If you watched the Disney movie Encanto, these are cheese fritters that they enjoy! We have linked a recipe that helps you create these little balls of joy, which can be consumed for breakfast or any time during the day. These tasty treats could be also paired with the next dish, Ajiaco! 



A traditional Colombian soup that we love and make every Christmas Eve is, Ajiaco. This Colombian soup is made from chicken and potatoes. Here is the recipe, so you can follow along and create your own memories and Colombian soup at home! With this dish you can top it with fresh Aji, a Colombian Chili. This Chili can also be served with the empanadas as well.  


Last but certainly not least is, Colombian hot chocolate with cheese and bread. This is a Colombian desert and delicacy. The idea may sound different to those who have not tried it yet, but the melted cheese mixed with the warm milk and chocolate creates a delicious combination and creamy consistency. There’s a little saying in Colombia: “chocolate sin queso es como amor sin beso”, chocolate without cheese is like love without a kiss. When you finish the hot chocolate make sure to pair it with your favorite bread to dip into the freshly melted cheese and chocolate. After you try this traditional way to make hot chocolate, your mind and taste buds will be forever changed! 




We hope you enjoyed our recipes and a few of our family traditions. We hope this Christmas, you too can find ways to create new or old traditions as one. We continue to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! 


Feliz Navidad prospero año y Felicidad, 


Marisa & Tiffany  

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