Hermoza’s Biggest Secret is Revealed – Welcome Our Latest Dress Line

Hermoza’s Biggest Secret is Revealed – Welcome Our Latest Dress Line

While for us, this has been a long time coming, adding a semi-formal dress line to the Hermoza collection is something we have always had in the works. We loving adding a little bit of luxury to our everyday. Our mission back in 2019, started with designing full coverage swimwear that was fashion forward an affordable price tag and we will continue to deliver this to you year after year. Great new for our loyal customers, you can now shop us year-round with our new beautiful dress collection.

Our luxurious dresses can be dressed up or down and offer high quality materials and stylish options. We wanted to design something special for all women to add in elegance and femininity to your everyday. From dinner dates to Sunday church services, to walks along the bay, Hermoza’s newest spring collection encapsules 10 thoughtfully designed pieces perfect for any occasion.

The Vintage Floral capsule

Vintage Floral is the delicate floral print of our dreams. Cascading petals of blue and marigold roped by leaves of sage are what make this print so feminine to the eyes and soft to the touch. The irresistible styles in this beautiful print are the Ana Panel Dress, the Irma Tiered Maxi Dress, and the Louisa Tunic Mini Dress and are made in a beautiful cotton linen blend. Perfect for bright days, and fun occasions.

The Ana Panel Dress is the ultimate maxi – pristine enough for daytime, and sleek enough for the night. A soft, vintage floral motif exudes delicate warmth, while clean paneling and a square neck come together for a polished, perfect fit.

Exude refinement in the Louisa mini-tunic dress. Clean, warm vintage florals play and gather against a tiered, cascading bodice and long-sleeved, structured details – all harmonizing for a piece that is unique, chic, and timeless.

The Irma is defined by a soft floral motif that imbues a delicate warmth; this tiered, billowing piece compliments the feminine frame. Exquisite detail and gentle glamor make this dress a truly timeless choice for formal wear.

The Multi Floral capsule


Southern inspired, the Multi Floral collection beautifully blends soft sage and bright blues into the perfect waist-cinched silhouettes giving the most flattering figures, while still providing that bright, fresh look we need. Looking at these two styles is the definition of a breath of fresh air. Our eyes are locked on the Hilde and the Louisa!

The Hilde Halter dress is floral romance that embellishes each swish of this haltered, sweeping gown. With tiered and cinched detailing and a clean scooped sleeveless cut, this dress brings enchanting timelessness to event wear.

While the Louisa exudes refinement in this mini-tunic dress. Floral romance drapes each inch of this tiered, cinched, silky piece. A cascading bodice and long-sleeved, structured details harmonize for event wear that is unique, chic, and timeless. 

The Blue Floral capsule

Blue Floral is softly understated and the go to neutral print that will always leave you looking refreshed. These 2 styles are so different, choosing one will not be easy. When designing spring dresses, we are always looking for the best of both worlds. Both these styles are going to give the perfect amount of easy and breezy when worn. The lightweight Cotton combination fabric is sure to get perfectly swept up while still giving the chic look you desire. 

Mixing the playful charm of a vintage floral with elegant modernity, the Zoey Jo features a clean button-down bodice and silky, billowing sleeves. Its swishing, ankle-grazing length and cinched waist come together for a perfect, versatile fit.

At the cross between romantic elegance and modern allure is the Lala mini. A soft, blue floral motif brings sweetness top of mind, while cinched and billowing fabric, a leggy hemline, and dainty details come together in this everywhere piece.

The Basics


Though most tend to gravitate to florals when spring comes around, we also wanted to design a few styles for the ladies who desire a more clean, chic moment. These dresses are the perfect silhouettes to teeter on the line of semi formal and formal. Black and white dresses are going to be much easier to dress up for a fancy night out or to pair with sandals for a shopping day. We think having a few basics in your closet is perfectly okay for days when you want to wear a simple staple.

The Ana Panel Dress is a classic maxi – pristine enough for daytime, and sleek enough for the night. Crafted with clean paneling and a square neck, this piece comes together for a polished, perfect fit.

Structured simplicity and timeless details come together in the Magdalena. A form-fitting bodice, leggy hemline, and voluminous sleeves bring feminine, classic glamor to each event.

At the cross between romantic elegance and modern allure is the Lala mini. This cinched and billowing, leggy hemline dress is your next everywhere piece.

Now that the news is out, it’s time for you to head to Hermoza to pick up all your spring favorites. Spring is the best time to stock up on all the breezy dresses of your dreams! This season is meant to prep for summer and to prosper after the last few months of gloom. We are thrilled to welcome spring with a collection we’ve been so excited to share with you for years!

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