Get Ready for Hermoza’s Newest Collab – Hermoza x @OurDarlingChaos

Get Ready for Hermoza’s Newest Collab – Hermoza x @OurDarlingChaos

It’s finally here! Hermoza has been keeping a big secret! This February, Hermoza is launching its very own swim and resort line with the amazing Kristen Schroder also known by her online name @OurDarlingChaos.

Collaborating with Our Darling Chaos has been a match made in Heaven for so many reasons. For starters, Kristen has 9 beautiful children in her loving family just like our co-founder, Tiffany Rivers. Both share a motherly bond for having a large family as they both raise these families in the state of Alabama and Georgia.

Kristen is also the best example of how Hermoza came to be. Chasing 9 children around on the beach is not always an easy task. So, when shopping for a new swimsuit, ensuring you feel comfortable and fully covered is one of the reasons why Hermoza decided to embark on the mission of making luxury swimwear for women who wanted to look stylish but also feel supported in their daily activities. No need to tug and pull your swimsuit into place. After all, you don’t have to bare it all to be beautiful. There is beauty in mystery.

This collab has been overflowing with creativity. Not only were we able to work with Kristen, but we also work with Katrina Harrington who is the creator and owner of Rose Harrington Art. Katrina is a mother to 6 and nothing less than amazing and talented. She keeps us motivated to keep producing content worthy of its wearers.

Katrina designed Kristen’s logo with so much meaning and purpose. According to Katrina herself, “I felt drawn to including violets as the religious name for violets is Our Lady's Modesty or Our Lady's Humility which goes along perfectly with the Hermoza brand and Kristen's. In the logo, there are three violets for the three stars in Hermoza and nine leaves for Kristen's nine children. The stems and leaves make an M for Mary in the bottom of the logo. And then I also drew two J's, one of each of the side violets to make JMJ.” The intention is in the details, and we could not love the new logo more!

Keeping with our theme of taking a trip around the world, Kristen joins us in Australia with a fun print paying tribute to the beautiful outback of Australia. Kristen’s “Keep Palm” collection keeps with this theme perfectly with picturesque palm leaves melting into a seafoam blue matching new styles like the Vanessa One-Piece and the Amelia One-Piece Swimsuits.


Our favorite style in this new collection is going to be the Kristen Swim Skirt (named after our one and only!). Now, you can look cute and flirty, while still feeling concealed in all the right places in this new swim skirt. Made with a luxury swimwear fabric, this style can be worn in or out of the water and is amazingly quick drying! This month’s collab has been nothing short of beautiful with hints of tranquil blues and calming hues.

To add to the extraordinary, we have also designed our newest darling cover up that is sure to be a showstopper. The Adriana Wrap Dress is one of our best styles yet! Be dressy in the Adriana, a stunning go-to for lounging or luao-ing. Adjustable on-or-off-shoulder sleeves are balanced with a lengthy, tiered skirt for an all-around dimensional look. Smoothing, sturdy fabric, and divinely placed cinching play nicely with the breezy blue palms for this dreamy, iconic piece. Made with a buttery, soft 100% viscose material, this style will keep you clean and comfy from morning to night!

And if you know anything about Kristen, then you’ll know how important her little girls are to her. Which is why we created a timeless mommy and me capsule to really captures the bond between mother and daughter. Now, pair any of these styles with the new Little Britt One-Piece Swimsuit of the Little Sweet Pea One-Piece Swimsuit for a picture-perfect match. The Little Britt is a Hermoza fan favorite with beautiful bows, peaceful palms and perfect coverage make for the most stylish suit while the Little Sweet Pea has snug crisscross straps, silky fabric, and sweet gold detail coming together in this gorgeous little one piece. Now both are available in the cool Keep Palm.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we are excited to see Hermoza customers get to shopping! With a few new styles to try out and a few of Hermoza favorites available, make sure you pick up a matching little’s suit to try with it!


Marisa & Tiffany

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