Designed for the active woman who is not interested in sacrificing security for fit and style, these suits are in a class of their own. Whether you are competition-ready or in training for your next event, or a mom who wants to spend a risk-free day in the sun with your family, this collection takes full coverage and performance swimwear to the next level.

The technical features and benefits of the fabrics used in this series are a perfect harmony of flattering fit and practical function. With a four-way stretch that provides superior shape retention and an optimal fit, your safety, protection, and freedom of movement are never compromised.

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Made with a regenerated nylon fiber created from pre- and post-consumer materials, our Protection Collection offers suits in a variety of styles that meet the needs and expectations of your event, occasion, and body type without producing additional strain on the environment.

For the conscious and discerning woman, the advanced, recycled fabrics in this collection offer powerful, dense coverage that is smooth and soft, yet durable enough to provide the comfort of UPF 50+ sun protection. This means that effective UV transmission is less than 2.5% when exposed to both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light.

Strong enough to resist abrasions and chlorine, suits in the Protection Collection withstand alteration over time, even with the most intense use. Additionally, these fabrics are fade- and chemical-resistant, so your heirloom-quality suit will maintain its fabulous color without interference from the sun or from the creams and oils you use to keep your skin safe. Suits in the Protection Collection are offered in your choice of vibrant patterns and darker colors, both effective at absorbing UV light, enhancing UPF.

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The last thing on your mind when you book your vacation or spend time outdoors should be whether or not the fabric of your swimwear is capable of keeping you protected from dangerous UV rays or harmful environmental factors.

Taking care of your skin is the first line of self-care and a choice with effects that last forever. The decision to protect your skin is not always just for summers at the beach.

Your skin might be sensitive as a result of medications you take which makes it doubly important to make a conscious investment in quality swimwear.

Additionally, sun intensity is greater in high elevations or locations near the equator, so being selective while preparing for travel is necessary for the jet set Hermoza.

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