Nominate Your Modern Day Hero

COVID-19 might have us a little spooked, but foremost, we send our hearts to everyone affected and to those on the frontlines of keeping us all safe and well.

And while we are all continuing to adjust to our “new normal,” it has become massively apparent how many people in our community are willing to lend a hand, be a friend, or just be present for each other. In this time of global uncertainty, a few things can give us authentic peace of mind: kindness and goodness will always be fashionable.

Especially for health care and service industry employees whose attention to the world while the rest of us self-isolate has inspired us all, we could be more vigilant. In a piece for The Atlantic, Ian Bogost offers, “Never before in human history has it been so easy to do so much without going anywhere.” And since most of us are under orders for sheltering in place, the best we can do is all that we can.

Being physically active and serving others are two of the most effective ways to decrease anxiety and depression and to increase confidence and feelings of overall contentment. Boosted metabolism and endorphins are just some of the additional bonuses received when we step outside our internal monologues long enough to experience more of the world around us. These facts have us all getting more creative and innovative in how we connect and stay active.

While social media abounds with memes telling us what brilliant advancements were thought up during quarantine, studies are starting to show that self-isolation is harder than any of us expected. Maintaining health and wellness during this time is essential if we are to be back at our best when we return to a regular rhythm. While none of us know when that will happen or what that will look like, we are now accepting we might need help to be on our own.

Social distancing has all of us wishing we were back with our besties or brunching with our aunties who mean the most to us. We’ve all started murmuring variations of, “when I get out of this house, I’m gonna…” We can all hope that the current situation has us better educating ourselves, better informing others, and better appreciating those who do so much for us.

Here’s where Hermoza comes in.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to honor a hardworking Hermoza who makes a difference in your life. Do you know a teacher, a clerk in the service industry, a medical professional, a volunteer, a government employee, etc. who has gone above and beyond to be there for others? Would you like to express your gratitude for the commitment they have made to uplifting their community and their neighbors?

Who is this Hermoza?!

Share her story with us so we can join you in extending our appreciation to the woman who has been clocking in and showing up no matter what. Tell us who she is, what she does, what qualities she shows on the daily that has you so on fire as her fan. For example, describe to us how her service has made important changes in her community, or how she has worked tirelessly to maintain the health and safety of others, or how she has surprised others with a simple or revolutionary act that was unexpected. Showing your appreciation is unconditional, so there are no rules when it comes to speaking out for that Hermoza who stands out. We just want to thank her properly!

As a gift for all she has done for others, Hermoza will open its store to all selected nominees to pick any item, free of charge, and with our compliments.

Email your nominations directly to us to nominate your modern-day hero. Here’s to more days of kindness and thoughtfulness. Let’s safely reach out to those who need our support the most. And cheers to the women (and men) protecting and preserving what means the world to all of us.


Besos, Hermoza


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